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weed bummers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bearsrgood, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. everytime smoke weed now i feel depressed afterwards and lazyer then usual
    also my appetite takes ti; the next day to come back, wtf?
    this has never happened before
  2. Maybe its the type of weed u smokin?
  3. hmm not natural. maybe try some better herb and make sure youre with people that are fun and arent negative. im assuming youre new to the plant so give it some time. and if you struggle with depression anyways, seek help. also there is a help/support thread going around and there are a lot of fellow blades on there that are always willing to help. good luck!
  4. yeah, who do you smoke with? What do you do when you're stoned?
    Play video games, go see a movie, go hiking, go swimming. Those are really fun to do while stoned. And with friends around, you should have a blast.
  5. well i do plenty of fun stuff
    its wonderful and im a very experienced smoker, its just when i come down i feel like crap for a day and a half, i used to love getting blazed up with my friends and then comin down and feelin fine

    i recently quit smoking large amounts of weed, where i was high almost alllll day, and it made me very depressed and have physical symptoms of withdrawal, maybe an abrupt stop has effected the way my brain absorbs thc? im not sure but today after a good long day of work out and some food i felt good
    but yesterday after i smoked i came home felt like crying threw up and passed out at ten wehen i usually stay up way later since it summer
    please help me smoke again i love smoking with my friends and although i dont care if i do it a lot i want to at least be able to blaze with my friends without fear of falling into depression for who knows how long
  6. Lol, we can't help you with this it's your own psychological issue.

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