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Weed Brownies - What went wrong

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by nyjetfan125, Aug 15, 2012.

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    I made a batch of weed brownies for the third time. The first two times they came out great, and now the third they are having no effect. I heated up the oil before putting the weed in, it was not at a simmer at all. When i put the weed in, it immediately started to bubble but stopped after a second or two. I used about a quarter. After the initial bubbling it stopped, and the oil was no longer simmering. I let it go for about two hours, till it turned a dark brown color almost black. I then proceeded to strain the oil out of the remaining weed and follow the directions on the brownie box baking at 315 degrees. I cut it into 15, ate a full one, and an hour and a half later i feel nothing. Where did i go wrong? Was the oil too hot or did i bake the brownies at too high a temperature?
  2. forget to pray to the weed gods? what did you do differently?
  3. Pretty much nothing that I can think of thats why im confused as to why they are having no effect
  4. :smoke:Did you simmer it to long? i'm not sure what could have went wrong i simmered mine for about 30-45 minutes and they were great
  5. did you decarb first? If you didn't try that next time.
    Also, try eating a greasy snack 1h before you eat your edible and make sure not to eat them on a full, but also not an empty stomach (hence the greasy snack)
  6. Whens the last time you made these?
  7. I did not decarb but I didnt the other times and they still came out awesome. Last time I made them was around febuary of last year. Im thinking the oil must have been too hot since the weed sizzled when I put it in the oil. But like I said sizzling lastes few seconds maximum and then oil was below a simmer the rest of the time. The weed was black when I strained the oil out of it
  8. i think u should follow bad kat smiles process step by step to get the most bang from your buck...i have baked following her technique and its guarantee way of getting the last 3 months i prob made a dozen trays of brownies and muffins and even tried her peanut bud-der recipe..shoo i just made me some supper yummy coco cana blue berry muffins that are ever so yummy and def had this regular smoker "chilly chill !!" good thing i ate only 1/2 had me good to go at work for bout 6hrs...didnt even want to puff cuz i was on a good ride as a matter of fact cuz u a Jets fan pm if u wanna try... Sanchez or Tebow ??
  9. dude just eat more brownies
  10. I am going to try eating more, but at the same time last time i made them i cut them into 12 and eating just a half would get me pretty high for 4 hours about maybe longer. I am pretty sure that this batch is a dud. My only guess is that the oil was too hot and i burned the thc out of the weed but idk
  11. i've found that butter is easier to work with, almost fail proof.

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