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Weed Brownies- Terrible Trip/ Still Sick

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by SheSwims, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Ok hey guys so I'm new to the forum and not exactly under the circumstances I was hoping :/
    \nI am a 20 yr old female, smoking here and there since I was about 16 years old. Never religious but Im not a complete amateur when it comes to marijuana usage.
    \nAbout 2 nights ago (monday) my roommates and I thought we should try some weed brownies from a friend Jake (I'd tried these before from him and never had any worries)
    \nThis time though the brownies were huge and potent so I decided to restrict myself to half the brownie to avoid a situation I didn't want to end up in, worst idea.
    I took the brownie in at 10pm it had kicked in by 11pm and by 1130 I was experiencing something that I would describe as a full blown panic attack
    - Shakey vision
    - Tight Chest
    - Trouble breathing (Hyperventillating EXTREMELY)
    - TIght burning sensations in my nostrils when I tried to breathe 
    \nThis attack was so intense that it persisted on and off until about 1230am. I could have sworn I was having a heart attack. The whole time I stayed on the phone with my sister having her calm me through the breaths by 1:00am I was monitoring my breathing and fell asleep.
    \nYesterday morning I woke up, short of breath, with a very very heavy chest, I felt like I was focusing on my breathe having to tell myself to breathe, I felt numb (not high just numb). I had another small panic attack and ended up being rushed to the emergency room bc I thought I was having a heart attack.
    \nDoctors ran tests on my heart (EKG'S/ Cardiograms/ Vitals-blood pressure etc) and they said everything was coming up perfectly fine/that my chest was clear and gave me 2 pills (Lorazepam) to reduce my anxiety. I took one last night and slept well and will take the other tonight.
    \nI know it's only been just over 24 hrs since the attack and ingestion but I am experiencing
    - Some slight chest heaviness/ tightness with difficulty breathing 
    - Light headaches 
    - Some back pain on and off
    - Sore spots in my abdominal region
    \nHas anyone ever experienced something like this after a bad trip from a weed brownie??
    Do you think my panic attack could have put a massive strain on my system and thats why I feel this way???
    How long should I wait before I go to my GP about these symptoms if they continue??
    I feel like crap and I feel really down as if I'm out of my body.
    All I know is that I won't be touching MJ for a while, horrible horrible night.
    \nThanks guys,

  2. Sounds like you got stoned.  :hippie:
    Yes I have experienced a bad "trip" on marijuana, but never with brownies. I smoked some mid a few years back and felt like I couldn't breath correctly and felt like I was suffocating, to say the least....I woke up feeling brand new but stayed away from weed for a few days.
    It happens to the best of us, don't it discourage you away from weed....just stay away from the edibles if you don't enjoy getting  :smoking:
  3. @[member="Menchville"] I was a gonner :hide:  luckily you woke up and felt like a new person
    I just feel nauseous/ less of a person right now!
    Do you think this will pass and I'm just experiencing the aftermath of a bad trip?
    This is like the hangover that won't end  :mad:
  4. What's your normal diet like?  Are you overweight/underweight?  What did you eat that day?  
    Did you skip breakfast that day, eat junk food, drink sodas or a lot of caffeine?  IF you answered yes to some of these questions, that might have had something to do with it.
    Here's my advice for general wellness:  cut out processed foods from your diet entirely.  Most definately Don't drink Soda, diet or otherwise.  I know it can be tough when your hanging out with a certain variety of stoners who scarf down fries and burgers, but try to eat good foods.  Eat breakfast in the morning, some fruit and yogurt, eggs(fried in coconut oil, or grass fed butter, or hardboiled)  , oatmeal with peanut butter, something nutritious and not processed.  Bagel and cream cheese for breakfast is not a good choice, neither is a doughnut or pastry.  Get some protein and healthy fat from Almond butter, Peanut butter, spread them on whole grain bread if you want bread.  Get some protein and healthy fats in your diet.  You'll feel better.  Eat more leafy or cruciferous vegetables (spinach, kale, brussel sprouts, broccoli), eat more onions.  Full fat dairy, organic and grass fed, if your into cheese and milk.
    All of this stuff is going to help your stomach flora, the bacterial communities in your gut.  It's clear now that there is a positive relationship between unhealthy gastrointestinal flora and depression.  
    Eat good stuff and you could feel better, it's that simple!  Processed foods=no energy, weak immune system, depression, anxiety.
    Some people can get away with terrible diets and just not give a damn, but everyone is different.
  5. @[member="flowrida"]

    My diet is pretty horrible.
    I'm slightly overweight but stopped keeping up with the gym and healthy eating 3 months ago.
    Thanks for the amazing advice. Definitely time to get back to clean eats.
    I really hope that this passes I feel horrible :/
    Especially my head it's awful.

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