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Weed Brownies Complete First Time

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Words13, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. I'm going to this party and my friend is going to bring a bunch of weed brownies. I've never smoked anything or ingested anything. They told me that I won't get high the first time I try it and that you don't get that high from brownies. When I looked it up people said it's a more intense high and you do get high the first time and that you should try smoking first. Basically I'm asking if I will get high since it's my complete first time and if it's more or less intense then smoking?

  2. Hi thought I'd give u my 2 penneth.... I do agree that ingesting marijuana is a 'different' and yes more intense high....but that may not mean that you have to try smoking it 1st.....depends what u like....smoking its more instant stone...doesn't last as long...whereas eating is more euphoric and lasts longer but takes bout 20 min/half hour to kick ya teeth in :D so don't eat too much too quick if ur a noob. I mean if u haven't smoked ever, u might just end up barfing a lung everytime u rip a phat bowl....which isn't good....however if ur m8 knows his herbs and bakes some good brownies you'll have a great night....don't listen to them sayin you won't get high off brownies....they haven't lived.... :p have a great party....Peace.

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