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weed brownies and the high

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by coltonwinieckie, Jul 28, 2005.

  1. very soon im going to make some brownies..whats the high like? is it like smoking normal bud? ill probably just use some schwagg..how long does it take to kick in and how long does it last? will the comedown be fucked up? how much will i need to eat?
  2. the high is totally different, ive only had THC brownies twice, but both times i got so fuckin high it was CRAZY. No, its not like smoking bud. we used DANK shit though, i dunno about schwagg... it takes longer to kick in, but its worth it! I think it took about 45 minutes for it to hit me both times, and the high lasted (from start to end) about 4-5 hours. If its dirt weed, u are gonna have to eat more... but i think i only ate like 3 or 4 brownies
  3. whats if you eat too much? can you OD? lol
  4. No, youll probably just get sick and throw up from eatin too much brownies
  5. no you cant OD on eatin weed LOL, ive seen people eat SHIT loads of weed, and yea the only reason why u would get sick is from the brownies... which if u spread it out enough, you will have the munchies, so eating brownies will just fill u up and get u higher lol (plus there IS a point u can reach where u cant get any higher! different buds can only do so much)
  6. You must be new to smoking weed, or perhaps new to cannabis information. It's virtually impossible to overdose from marijuana. Someone here probably knows the statistics, but we might as well ballpark it and say you would probably have to smoke 10,000 joints to overdose (Since it is kind of irrelevant HOW much it takes to overdose since it's impossible to smoke that much, or eat, really, in the amount of time it would take to keep it all in your system)

    Simple answer, no.
  7. dude..the OD thing was a joke
  8. Well then slap my ass and call me a moron. I'm ashamed and embarassed, but I'm also glad you're no new kid on the block. Sorry for treating you like you were inexperienced, my bad completely.

    Smoke on, man! :smoke:
  9. dumb question? i only know smoke, if i am gonna eat my buds, does one need to wait for drying and curing to use for brownies and eating, or can you eat it picked fresh baked up in some brownies or that ganja-butter i keep reading about? also, should i ask this in a new thread? ya'll think enough folks gonna see this? OR DO YOU KNOW?? lol, anyhoo, Teeeeeach me, ya'll!
  10. Hmm.. You don't have to dry your pot for brownies, the level of THC in the plant is not increased by the dryness of it, you can just pick your leaves right out.

    Be aware for those who do not know that you do not eat the weed at all, what you do is separate the THC off the plant first by letting it boil in butter or oil add a little water first not too much which you can carefully rinse out or use for the brownie dough, you can throw it out if you want as well as the weed 'cause they no longer really contain any of the thc that you need to get high, and it makes the brownies less bitter in some cases, what you do use is the butter which has the THC stuck to it so do not throw that out or waste it somehow, use a strainer to strain the weed out so that you have the butter or oil ready to use. you mix that with any of those ready to make brownie powders they sell, just follow their instructions and you got a good high right there.

    Be also aware that your place is going to really reek, it's very hard to hide the smell when you're making the oil, so you make sure you got that covered somehow, open some windows, use fans, I don't know... the smell stays for a while.

    Make sure you don't eat anything for a good 3-4 hours before you eat the brownies because you're going to be mad hungry after the brownies hit you, and you need a lot of room for food and as many brownies as you can stuff.
    anything from half to an ounce is good enough for like 3-4 buddies, also smoke some up if you really wanna get fucked up.

    * stoner tip
    For the joint smokers like me, I recommend that you should ALWAYS put a filter in your joints, don't be lazy and it's so much better. You can use the little flap underneath the top cover of cigarette boxes, which is the perfect size to make a filter by rolling it, leaving a nice size hole in the middle and holding it together with either a little tape or a strip of the glue part of a piece of rolling paper. You put that filter inside the paper and roll it together with the weed.
    Makes a big difference, no more brown fingertips, burns, or roach clips.

    I'm about to smoke a nice one from some northen lights I got hooked up with today mixed with a little hash, this is going to fucking rock.

    Here's to all you stoners out there.
  11. is the smell of the oil like weed??????????????the one thats hard to get out
  12. The reason people dry their buds before smoking is because it would be a harsh smoke filled with chlorophill, nothing to do with THC so I guess cooking with fresh buds would be just as fine.
  13. the correct stat is 10 times your own weight, so like 15,000+ pounds of marijuana, so if you are rich, can smoke/eat 10 times your own weight within a couple of hours, then you have something to worry about.
  14. do yourself a favor...

    Boil the weed in butter...PURE butter....do it slow...dont burn the butter..once you reach boil ifyou have a candy thermometer take it up to approx 300F. AGAIN dont burn da butta....it will turn green and yes it will STINK...you spill it on your clothes you will have to throw them OUT.

    ok...if you want the best Brownies...start with double the amount of butter..They will cook up flakey an nice..STRAIN ALL THE WEED OUT OF YOUR BUTTER MIXTURE...its worth the effort,

    Mix it up an bake it....follow cooling instruction and dont worry about OD...LOL..
    Start with one 3"x 4" brownie....in an hour if you can function try another..

    oh.....MAKE SURE you have nothing to do for about 8 hours. The high is very different..you dont know you high until you try to DO ANYTHING.....LOL.

    I reccommend your favorite drinks, comfy couch, favorite lover, and a good movie

    smoke with it if you want....but you wont need to. One old boss used to pay me to make these ...LOL..

    boner patit....LOL
  15. My question: Why is it just brownies? I think weed cake or weed cupcakes would be bomb.. whats the difference?
  16. ^^^The only obvious difference is one is cake and one is a brownie, haha. They both require butter, so in that case you use cannabutter. Cake, usually being bigger, will probably require more cannabutter, but they will both get you wicked stoned nonetheless.
  17. Use shwag. The feelin doesn't start until a half hour to an hour after you ate them but it lasts for a while and it's a really good and cool high.
  18. i think i asked this in another thread but forgot to check it...

    question: say if i use 1/8th of dank/mids.. .will i be more stoned smoking it all or baking brownies out of it..
  19. You'll need more than an 1/8 of bud to make a batch of brownies. And, when cooking with weed, don't use really good bud, you don't have to. If you got some nice KB just smoke it.
  20. For all those scared or brainwashed into thinkin you cant smoke leaves....

    Make your butter out of them......saves your buds and you'll be surprised how high you will get off the leaves....maybe it might get ya to smoke em....

    LOL.....sorry....I just still cant figure out when smokin leaves became taboo...

    generations did before....we all got high and lived...


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