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Weed Brownie Effects?

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by mattlloyd, May 5, 2009.

  1. How is the high of weed brownies different then just smoking? Im going to the movies/dinner with a girl this weekend and wanted to get her to smoke before. She tells me she doesnt smoke but would like to try brownies haha:smoking:. The thing is I have never tried em before and i sorta want to know what I should expect out of them ( if they are made correctly). I dont wanna be too much of a dumbass in front of her :p lol. Also does being high make girls more " horny" or what? My friends have been debating this for a while, one says that it definitely does the other says that it just " makes everything better so they will want to do stuff knowing how good it is going to be haha :D" . Lol what do you guys think?
  2. First off, being high always makes you horny:)

    Now, I'm not exactly sure about weed brownies. I'm thinking about baking some myself but I am preoccupied with finals right now.

    But people who have have told me it lasts for quite a while and that the high is different but I have no way of confirming that yet.
  3. yeah i have heard it was different too,it is supposedly "trippy-er"
  4. more of a body high i would say.

    if you already smoke, i doubt youll act too giddy or whatever.. besides shell be stoned too and giggling right with ya. Them bonding moment right there.;):smoking::smoking:
  5. :D bonding is good haha
  6. If you do not smoke regularly, brownies will make you feel really high. Brownies seem to give more of a couch lock high than anything though. Edibles dont really cut it for me, I much rather rip bong. Anyway why wont this girl smoke? I l think its sexy seein my girl smoke
  7. Beware of the brownies man. They can have a hardcore hangover the next day. Just make sure you don't have any big plans...
  8. I agree with you, it is sexy :rolleyes: but she seems to think otherwise which is why she doesn't smoke anymore. She pops though, which she seems to think is way less harmful for some reason:confused:
  9. I can say from firsthand experience that brownies do make you horny ;) and give you a great body high. But it also has trippy parts to this hour long, or greater high but its still pretty fun to enjoy, even with a girl.
  10. she pops as in takes pills? But does to like to toke...? Ive met a lot of girls who think that way and it never ends up good.
  11. I think it's different from person to person. Edibles get me RIPPED, I'll usually make firecrackers with 0.5 grams of weed per and that will give me about a 4-5 hour body high. My friend on the other hand will get a mild high for about 1 hour from the same batch. It's all about experimentation and seeing what works for you...
  12. Definitely a body high and  if you need recipes and videos to watch after eating them try www.maryjanezone.com pretty neat site
  13. I just had to add that you when I eat brownies or am high in general it takes me forever to finish. Good I guess if your quicky, but it's like erectile dysfunction lol
  14. edibles don't even affect me as much as the usual person.  Last time I ate one (it was supposed to get me very stoned) i just felt like i had smoked a couple joints. Not a very different high compared to smoking, but its different for different people i guess

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