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Weed brings back minor acid trip feelings on a regular basis. should I stop?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by skatealex2, Sep 1, 2008.

  1. I've been wondering if this a bad thing? It's kind of cool in a way but it makes me question my sanity. I see things very wavy when I smoke alot of weed especially with my new bong. Anyone else get this from lsd use?

    I tripped twice over the past 2 months and for the first time too. What do you guys think? weed has became quite a trip for me especially with firecrackers. I literally see things kinda moving like trails

    Any Blades get this?
  2. Yea I get this, after doing LSD and shrooms it seems like I have acquired some of the visual aspects of both in my highs.
  3. thats awesome if my weed did that i would smoke more. cant wait to trip cid.
  4. sounds good if you look at it one way but it sounds bad if you look at it from another.
    it kinda happens to me to cuz i get that anxious feaking like coming up on acid or being on shrooms sometimes when i smoke but its not that bad.
    it usualy just goes away for me.
    just try thinking of other things
  5. It's kind of awsome in a way cause I'm half tripping on a nightly basis but with weed. I'm wondering if this is a sign of me losing my mind or something? kind of freaky but I like to view at as psychedelic. it's almost like lsd is a gateway to long term psychedelic weed highs

    it's really tripped out but thinking of other things is probably the best idea like kindbud said
  6. Hmmm sounds like you should just keep on smokin lol. If it honestly keeps happening for the next week two or three, just take a t break. Sounds like your just really absorbing your first two acid trips IMO.

    Edit: Yea or just try and keep smokin weed to a social setting where things will be going on to keep your mind away from your trips.
  7. it is not a sign of you losing your mind. I believe it is from experiencing the substance, and being able to bring it back when you smoke weed. I know exactly what you are talking about it has happened to me since I first took psychedelics a year ago. It is not as strong but now whenever I smoke it is def more trippy and visual. Overall I actually enjoy it and it does not happen unless I smoke.
  8. Yeah it could go away in a few months too a year.. Or your smoking better pot... Or your really crazy man.. J/K but I doubt it will last forever.. You might just be more open to letting your mind go.
  9. Happened to me alittle when I was big into doing psychedelics.Doesnt do it anymore though.Last time I did mushrooms was about 8 months ago.
  10. thanks for the advice. guess its cool in a way to have a different view on everything while high.

    i like letting my mind go free but I think I have to stop talking about weed to non tokers cause they probably think im crazy, haha
  11. I always talk about weed with everyone even the ones that dont smoke,though there are not many lol.

    The non smokers are always like "you have a one track mind,get of that shit it's bad for you" or something like that.I just sit back light up a blunt and laugh at them.
  12. haha. I'm always talking about weed to everyone, even as a long time toker it still amazes me

    *I dont know if I should say long time, only a few years on and off I guess
  13. No that's normal. Mushrooms won't ever leave flashbacks but LSD stays in your spine in very minuscule amounts but acid flashbacks are 100% normal. Keep tokin' !
  14. i think now that you have experienced other drugs your mind is making you think things when your high.

    Like this girl tried telling me that after she booms for liek a week randomly she thinks things are moving and i was like uhhhh all in your head.

    And i would say sometimes when im high really high its semi pychedilic like ive looked at my bong and been like why is it bending?
  15. #15 c20h25n3oIsGood, Sep 1, 2008
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 1, 2008

    dude that is a lie.

    any emotional experience from ANYTHING can give you flashbacks.

    so thusly, acid, mushrooms, death, shootings, war, etc. can all give you flashbacks.

    edit---your post is double stupid IT DOES NOT STAY IN YOUR SPINE. IT IS METABOLIZED IN ABOUT 2 DAYS.

    but yeah, i feel the psychedelicness in all of my highs which is why im done taking lsd. that shit fucks with your mind toooo much for my taste. its separated me from myself.
  16. i get that toooo..Not really visually when i smoke but i feel like i think close to how i am on acid sometimes...thoughts racing and what not....but it hasnt been doing it much anymore usually was when i was takin cid once every two weeks.:smoking::smoking::smoking:...i cant describe it as bad thoe..basically made me feel more fuked up

    Yay for LUCY!:D
  17. well, I kinda c how this is happening, because thc is a lesser version of LSD. it would be understandable that u would feel similarities. I m probably gonna try dropping next summer, but I've been tokin for awhile so well see if something like that happens to me too
  18. Luckily for me I grew up in a more modern day Acid craze. It was around all of the time when I was in my teens and a very cheap way to get absolutely fucked up... I've done a shitload of acid in my time so I can lend a little bit of experience here.

    I can tell you this, you have not experienced an "acid flashback". How would I know that you ask? Because you have described it like it is some sort of fun, exciting, and enjoyable experience which it is not. You'll know when you actually have one and it probably won't be until you hit your late 20s early 30s. You'll feel completely disoriented, confused, and most of all scared out of your fuckin' mind!

    You probably just came accross a nice headie strain of weed. Maybe a strong Haze of some sort to give you a psychedelic expereice. After all THC is considered a psychedelic...
  19. Yes, that happens to me often.

  20. No, it doesn't. It's stored in fat cells.

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