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weed, blackouts, and existentialism

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by whatttt, Nov 15, 2011.

  1. has anyone ever smoked and had their subconscious insert itself into reality in a very tangible way?

    let me explain. this usually happens when i'm very high and very drunk. this has happened twice so far. in both instances the people that around me were blackout drunk or very close to it.

    what happened was that we had just finished a long night of partying and smoking, and sat down to watch some tv. we smoked another spliff and then turned our attention to the tube. now at this point as were watching i realized that the two commercials we had been watching were very strange. the reason that they were strange is that they were advertising for thoughts that i was having throughout the night at this party. for instance, i had thought to myself at one point in the night that i thought it was a cool look that some of the kids had cuffed their kachkis at the bottom to make them fit better. the second commercial was an advertisement for styling like this(which obviously is just a style and not something you can actually sell)

    both of these commercials were very surreal and nothing that you would ever see on a tv in a sober setting. i got freaked out about this and turned the tv off. my friends asked why i did that and i said that i just wanted to go to sleep. i went to bed with intense feelings of paranoia and looking at posters on the wall would warp and change shape if i looked at them. so yeah i was fucked up.

    the next morning i woke up and talked a little with my friends about my experience. both of them said they remembered me turning the tv off but couldn't remember what the commercials were for.

    so this brings me a theory i have developed. since the world we live in simply our minds working together to form a cohesive experience, maybe when others we know blackout and lose their ability to keep the experience cohesive things in reality can change. i think that weed makes possible the ability to subtle but very real things change in a form of our subconcious projecting itself.

    maybe i was just really fucked up. but this has occurred in another instance swell when i was very high and drunk. another friend was blackout in this instance and doesn't remember the strange occurrences that i recall vividly.

    anyone have thoughts or similar experiences?

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