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Weed blackout?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by b1i55, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. So I'm neither a noob or a total pothead, but something happened to me a while ago that I never got clear on. I went with my best friend to her friend's frat (just a bunch of stoners) and took a few hits off a joint, felt pretty high right off the bat; we decided to get something to drink downstairs. As soon as I stood up, I felt like I was standing on a really rocky boat, and it was hard to walk and keep myself stable, especially walking down the stairs. I just thought to myself "I'm just really fucking high right now." Got to the kitchen and started feeling WAY more paranoid than usual, I started to worry that something was really wrong. I was bugging out and tried to tell my friend I wanted to leave or something, but then I just remember my vision going black, my hearing getting really muffled, and losing all control of my body. I totally collapsed into my friend's arms. She and her friend carried me into the next room and laid me on the couch where I quickly regained my sight and hearing. I spent the next 5 hours completely zonked out of my mind. I just sat there watching the history channel, and as time passed, I felt less uncomfortable and more just really fucking high. I heard that this kind of thing can be attributed to blood pressure, low oxygen levels to the brain, etc. But I'm not sure what exactly happened to me. I didn't smoke a lot, but I hadn't for a while. I'm just wondering if someone has experienced something like this or can tell me what the hell happened..
  2. Welcome to the city :smoke:

    I think it might have been your blood pressure dropped too low or something along those lines, not laced weed or anything.
  3. Similar thing happened to me man. Smoked a joint in the hot tub and I was high as fuck. Came inside and was warm from the hottub and in a small dark laundry room. My friend had to wait till we could go inside but I didn't feel right so I kept telling him I needed inside. He wouldn't listen and eventually I lost all control of my body (could hear though) everything went black and I fell into my friends arms. I regained conciousness after like 5 seconds and everything was fine. I think it was dehydration
  4. Yeah, I've passed out from dehydration & hunger before. It sounds exactly like what happened to you.
  5. Thanks for the feedback guys. I appreciate it
  6. I've "blacked out" a few times from weed. One time in high school at a wiz concert- it was a Florida summer day, I was high af, it was no surprise I fainted-, but recently I've had a few occurrences at home just from taking one huge hit each time. It's completely different from the passing out at the concert though. It'd happen from hitting some really potent weed. The first time, I basically took a huge hit from the bong, held it in, and as soon as I exhale all of it, I'd start to feel my body getting weak. After that, I sat back and it was as if I'd lost 10-20 sec of my life. Everything went black and blurry and it felt like my mind was everywhere (not in a good way). I couldn't catch my thoughts and it felt like my head was imploding whilst being unconscious and unaware of what was happening. When I woke up/came back to reality, my body was cold and starting to sweat, my heart was racing, and my shins felt like they had been hit with a hammer. I couldn't understand why my shins were in so much pain, but I think I must've repeatedly and unknowingly banged em against the table when I was out for those 10-20 seconds- I had bruises on both for a couple days. Another occurrence was yesterday when I hit some master Kush in my roommates bubbler. I hadn't smoked in almost a week, but I took one giant rip, held it for a bit, exhaled and immediately, I felt the same familiar feeling of my body starting to get weak. I voluntarily layed on the ground knowing it was about to happen again, and again it did. Inside my head, I felt the same thing with my brain painfully racing and when I woke up 10-15 seconds later, my body felt the same as it did the first time- heart racing, cold, fingers shaking, and I felt really unsteady on my feet. I'm not scared for my life or anything when this happens, but I'm definitely looking for answers and curious if this happens to anyone else as often as it does to me. I'm an active and healthy college student, I'm not a big drinker, never smoke cigs.

    Let me know

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