Weed being an addiction...

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    Does anyone else hate being told that weed can be an addiction?
    Not only has it been proven that weed isn't physically addictive, but the being called a mental addiction is just nuts. Sure you can be addicted to it mentally, but you could also be addicted to jumping off bridges or eating cookies every day at 12 pm. Who the fuck cares that I like to smoke weed, im not god damn addicted.
    On the contrary, i LOVE being mentally addicted to smoking pot. I mean seriously, its in my best interest that my thing is pot and not alcohol or pills. i don't even smoke cigs, but hey if my parents think that smoking weed is the worst thing ever, fuck them. They have no idea, and they both use tobacco by the way, a far worse drug.

  2. chll man its not like your going to be shot for smoking weed. Just rest easy knowing that your doing the safest thing not alcohol, pills, really hard drugs, and tobacco. Your just gonna end up rippin your heart out and wanting to do stupid stuff which will only further beliefs that weed is bad
  3. It's the ignorance associated to weed. People know nothing about it so they just spew bullshit. Millions of our tax dollars go to anti-weed campaigns and the "drug-war" each year, cause you know, weed is the worst thing ever. Right? RIGHT?!:laughing:
  4. wow this sounds so right?, another thing when people say fuck drugs and that then they do alcohol (lol) pisses me off..
  5. Yes the idea of a mental addiction is stupid, but its true none the less.

    NOT a reason to consider it an illegal drug, because yes, we could outlaw cookies at 12pm.:eek:

  6. Of course. :smoke:
  7. I'm addicted to weed. It's possible.
  8. You can be addicted to anything and people can take things too far. My sister has a completely addictive personality. When she was smoking only she'd always be scheming on how she was going to get it and when the next time she was going to smoke. Don't have your life revolve around weed, have weed revolve around your life.
  9. What most people don't realize about addiction is that it plays the same role in whichever type of addiction it is. Whether it's physically addictive, or mentally addictive, the end line is, you're still doing it.

    What kind of difference is there, whether your mind tells you to smoke or your body does, you're still smoking it, you're addicted.

    I believe weed offers the same potential of being addictive as most other drugs in it's class. Usually the only person who can accurately point out an addiction, is you yourself. You know what your body does, you know what going through your head, you're the only one who truly knows.

    Remember, the only person you'd be lying to would be yourself, can you do that?
  10. you can become addicted to any thing but some people do take it to far with pot "shits the devil" ha but i yank my noodle every day i must be addicted maybe you guys will see me on intervention !
  11. you forgot /rant
  12. weeds far better then any other drug.
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    allbeit i love smoking weed, i am far not addicted physically. mentally yes, who wouldn't want to improve EVERYTHING they do by inhaling simple plant matter. I must say i am mentally addicted but physically nah, its impossible actually. What CAN happen though is someone who smokes every day until they build such a strong mental addiction they have no idea what to do without it. For example someone who smokes every day all day and does that all day then one day up and stops entirely. Same thing can happen with Mountain dew actually, because it happened to me.

    With that logic and examples all jumbled together, it still contains no proof nor any reason for it to be illegal or be hated on because of the addictive aspects. I mean fuck, same thing can imply to cookies at 12 pm.

    my name is lucas, and im a pot head

    EDIT: by the way when i was addicted to mountain dew as childish as that is, i would get severe migraines when i didn't have one, and it would feel orgasmic to relieve that pain by drinking one. It was such a crutch
  14. Honestly, Weed IS addicting.. It's just great being high :eek:
  15. of course it is a dangerous drug which is addict able..

    Drug Rehab
  16. I keep it simple..

    avoid waking and baking.

    When i wake up in the morning.. I know I'm sober, and get my mental sense back in line.. Figure out what is going on in the day, then proceed from there... I get the shit done that i ALREADY know i cant do high or just don't want to do high... Then for all the other shit where i know it wont be damaging to my life as a whole, i toke up and enjoy.. :D

    *But @ the addictive aspect... : Do whatever the fuck you want to.. seriously life's short...*
    lame ass /rank
  17. I've just never bought into the "mental addiction" thing.

    I do believe cannabis can be abused - you can use it so often and in such quantity that your quality of life declines - but that's not the same as addiction.

    I had a friend whose study habits required post-it notes of different colors. She absolutely could not study unless she had at least 2 different colors of post-it notes. If she didn't she would go out and get some. She did this at least once (seriously, this really happened) in the pouring rain, after midnight.

    Does that mean she's "mentally addicted" to post it notes? Is there anything that can be defined as "non-addictive" if you accept the concept of mental addiction?
  18. I am mentally addicted to being happy. It is always in my best interest to do what will make me happy in the long run. I guess I have a problem.
  19. Wouldn't your friend go under being "OCD", not addicted to the post-it notes?
  20. It is possible to become psychologically dependent to weed, but that says more about the person than the substance.

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