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  1. I had a thought the other day. Cannabis is part of the Cannabaceae family along with Humulus (hops) which is a key ingredient in lager type beer. Considering the two are close in their genetic makeup could you cross breed the two and make a plant that has properties of cannabis and also hops so you could use it in beer? I'm not a botanist but this seems like its plausible. I was at the grocery store a while back and they were selling a cross between a apple and a grape they called it a "Graple".
  2. Ye they do it parts of Europe, especially Amsterdam. Not sure if they cross breed though.
  3. LOL "Grapples" are not really a hybrid grape-apple. Its an apple soaked in grape juice.
  4. haha its says so right on the sticker, i better example would be a liger, those things are forreal haha :smoking:.. seriously look it up
  5. dude there's a thread on here to a link to a site about this. if its overgrow then you wont be able to read the site.

    but dude, this guy had amazing results, scientist said this wasnt possible.

    but this guy was posting pics of it, and he actually successfully spliced hops with marijuana. it was so fascinating...then heartbreaking.

    on about page 7 or whatever, he wrote a post about how the cops killed his plants.

    thats so fucking gay, he was revolutionizing botany and cops just came in and killed his research. but yea search that man.
  6. thanks for clearin that up
  7. awesome man do you know the name of the thread
  8. yes they are in the same family. but...

    a mule is a product of a horse and a donkey. it cant have babies but it lives. if u were to have sex with hops and weed, u may be able to get something but it has virtually no chance of being fertile.

    back to the sex question. there has been no documented cases of hops and weed crossing, and chances are that there wont be. even tho u can have sex with a chicken, ur chances of getting anything other that perverse pleasure is virtually nill.

    but, what u could do is graft some clones onto eachother. ie u could graft a clone of weed onto a vine of hops. but u could also graft weed to many things, not only hops. this is not 'revolutionary botany' like someone mentioned. anyhow, not sure u have solved all ur weed problems by doing this.

    the law has taken horticulture out of the equation anyhow by making THC illegal, however obtained. even if ur cat pissed THC, it would still be illegal (not to mention who would wanna smoke cat piss).

    moral of the story, just cuz they are both in cannabaceae, doesnt mean all that much. and even if it did, it doesnt solve any problems.

    lastly, i bought a 4pack of those 'grapples'. they are a gala apple dunked in grape juice. they were pretty good but a plain ol honeycrisp is still by far the best apple on the planet.
  9. :smoking:
  10. i've been researching this over the past few days and I've found that it is possible to graft a hops plant to cannabis and vice versa however the hops plant will not carry the same characteristics as a pot plant. Considering that my goal was to make weed beer with THC potent hops there is another way of achieving that goal. It has been done before and marketed for a brief period but I plan making my own Cannabeer and I am going to document the process and post it on this forum so watch out for that in late November or so.
  11. Ummm...if you just google "marijuana beer" you get over three million hits. The first page alone appears to be filled with plenty of links to home-brewing guides to tell you everything you need.
  12. well good job you should pat yourself on the back or something
  13. i read that this was possible but transferred no THC to the hops...interesting though
  14. accualy what you can do and this has been done is. you can graft the hops onto the maryjane plant and grow hops that contain thc. if you do this though the hops dosent produce as much thc. thus easier and funner to stick with just ganga:smoking:
  15. grafting does NOT transfer genes.
    yes u can graft mj to other plants and vica versa, but the graft remains its own self. there is no case of gene transfer and prob never will be because of simple biology.

    like i said before, grafting doesnt solve the problem of illicit growing.

    but certainly one could brew beer w/ MJ and get some of the THC to leach but then u have alot of different problems. like THC is hydrophobic and beer is all water. or that its still illegal to grow it and im sure that the $ amount that u need to inefficently transfer THC into the brew would be expensive vs ur bong. another issue with brewing is that u remove much of the sediments and my guess is that is where any THC that would be in the concoction would also be in that very same sediment, so u need to drink chunky beer. u may very well have to put in the MJ after the brewing part because yeast will uptake and/or degrade the THC. u would need dark bottles because of light pollution. the time from addition to drinking is quite a distance and degredation happens. and all of that is just off the top of my head.

    if i insisted on this, i would try to find recipies that ppl have for adding herbs to beer. brew up a thick brew and add bubblehash to that mix.

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