Weed Beat?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Skraggz, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. I was thinking of makin a beat for when you're high as a mofo lol what kinda genres do most of you listen 2? mellow beats or more harder stuff. Let me know and ill try n make sumin n post it on here when its done ;)
  2. hey, i'll do that too. thats what i expected to see when i clicked on the music part. i thought it was gonna be ppl postin music they made. but yea, i'll like to up a beat too.

    me personally, i like both. a mellow ass melody and some hard ass crisp drums. i'm so backpacker.
  3. something trip as fuck with that fat bass line. i'd be down to make some, but i'm sorta broke.
  4. i play bass i do that whenever i want
  5. :cool: cool replies, well if i get some yummy green soon, ill blaze up see what i can come up with for both mellow n hard beats, if i dnt get n e soon ill just do the same but wivout the the green, anyting good ill post up on here :D
  6. all you need is same fast funky snare and hi hat bass drum jazz shit, then a super fat bass tone with something groovy, extra groovy and then some little twangy eletric guitar with a wah pedal. get the shit tight and it will be the sickest
  7. What are you making your beats on?

    Raps my thang, I like that layed back relaxed gangster funk sound.

    But you can also throw in that trippy ass sounds to it to make it hot.
  8. i'm mainly rap too. but i got influences in alot of genres. i'll c if i can whip something up real quick before i pass out to the tune of a special brownie.
  9. alright, so heres wut i made in the last hour, between talking on AIM to females and my cousin. plz give me feedback, good, bad, whatever. rap to it, sing to it, just upload what u did back here. peace and bacon grease. Enjoy.


    and a little something mellower for the nightime...


    i can upload the beats to sendspace or somewhere else if most would like it that way...
  10. hey ive started a beat, but havnt really done much on it, it would sound nice with sum lurics over it, im gettin sum green 2nite so once i blaze ill carry on lol peace
  11. Ya, rap beats when your baked FTW. My favorite of all time is bone thugs n harmony and biggie smalls - Notorious Thugs. One of my favorite songs. How do you gusy make your own beats, can i do it from my computer on some website/program?
  12. Many programs out there. I use FL Studio.


    Its about $500 for the version i got.
  13. Hey finished the beat, hope yall like it b honest aight safe check it out its at www.myspace.com/skraggz check it out its called Herbal Chillin' :p *FREE DOWNLOAD TOO*

    btw you can make beats by using music software such as cubase or reason, or fruity loops, theres hundreds more aswell, for cubase you need to get some VSTs & VSTis (Virual Sound Technology & Virtual Sound Technology Instruments) i use cubase VST 5, i used to use reason but i moved up from that

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