Weed at school?

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  1. Okay so I live on this military base and its structured really weird and the only way off is a 6 mile drive, which I can't do. I want to try weed though but I don't know how to get it other than school. I don't have any friends who can/are willing to help either. But there are some people who will sell it to me at school. Should I buy at school? And if so how to I get it through the school day without being caught?
    Ps. I go to a good school that doesn't ever bring dogs or anything. This is my first post so sorry if I did anything wrong.
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    Do the trade in the bathroom or somewhere that teachers or snitches will not be watching. If it ain't already put it in like 4 zip lock bags and if it ain't too out of place a masons jar and throw it in your book bag while in the rest room. But btw you need to be 18 on these forums
  3. What's the hurry?  Relax, sometime in the future when the time's right you'll try it.  Right now get serious about your school work and prepare yourself for your future.  You'll be miles ahead of some of the stoners in your school who get high before class and who will someday be making your snacks and complaining about living on minimum wage while you're living fat.   http://forum.grasscity.com/general/1357962-does-anybody-else-hate-their-jobs-how-deal.html
  4. I understand where your coming from what you wanna do is buy it at the end of the day if your in school go into a bathroom stall with your treeman in the next stall exchange the shit and walk out get a pill container to keep the smell from spreading also smoking on a military base is sketchy so stay safe

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