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Weed at school

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by gerbil249, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. I go to school with about 1200 students in it. I would not smoke in school, but off school grounds for lunch and before I got to school. I would conceal it in another bag inside my backpack with colone sprayed on it. I'm a senior and my school has never done dog searches on lockers or students, they rarely ever search you.

    Would I be safe? It'd have 12 grams in it. I would also spray myself down after smoking outside of school if I'm going back in. The bag would also have a pipe in it.
  2. i would NEVER bring 12 grams to school, you will reek no matter what especially after smoking

    you can if you really just don't give a shit, but i would not recommend it at all
  3. my rule of thumb is never take anything to school. you have all of your rights stripped, so even if they simply have the slightest suspicion in the world, they could completely search all your belongings. its easy to wait until after school.
  4. No. Why risk your future by having weed at school. They take kids with drugs at school very serious. Just do it after school responsibly.
  5. Oh hell no...
  6. Keep in mind the weed is reggie.

  7. it is still 12 GRAMS of reggie. Just smoke before school and dont bring anything to school/ or leave it off campus

  8. You deserve to get caught!
    Use common sense - why on earth are you carring that much weight on you unless your dealing??

    You don't need to be high 24/7 at school but if you choose to do so, Roll 2 joints. Smoke one before you go. Now if you get caught you only have one joint on you.
  9. Why the fuck would you need 12 grams to smoke at lunch time?
  10. Why are you bringing 12 grams? If you plan on smoking everyday at lunch time just bring joints already rolled.
  11. Stop selling at school.
  12. ^This. Bunch of our schools dealers did this and got caught every time. One so stupid as to bring 18 grams to sell. You'll have no rights, you'll get fucked, you'll regret it.
  13. dumb idea man
  14. If you MUST smoke at school, leave the shit already pre rolled somewhere OFF of school grounds. Go get it on lunch and destroy ALL evidence. Make sure to have eyedroppes and scented lotion. Less suspicious and just as effective and cologne I think. Don't forget you can still fail a piss test if you get ropped up.

    But the best answer is simply not to smoke in school.
  15. I wouldnt bring it to school, its too risky even if your school dosent search much. My school was like that, they just brought dogs in one day(on 420 too) and a couple kids got expelled

    Edit: but 12gs why so much?
  16. Im disappointed
  17. just bring enough to get high and leave it in ur car
  18. First off, if you do not know the answer... The answer is NO!

    Before moving to a new state, i would smoke daily at my old school. Before, during and after. Before me and my friends would all meet in our cars OFF CAMPUS near the football field. This way we could simply smoke, wait for the bell, then walk onto the field. Ripped as fuck and no teachers or anything :). During lunch we would either walk off campus again, and go to our cars to drive somewhere and smoke, or we would go find good areas in the local neighborhood. And after school would be the same as before school hehe.

    It would be best to do this with a friend who has smoked during school before. Get the loop of things.
  19. They're not going to show leniency based on the quality of your bud.
  20. iv brought a halve oz to school it smelt a little bit but u would only realise if u stood real close so just distance yourself from your teachers use spray/cologne have eye drops handy and learn to not act blazed when you are blazed. still risky but i use to smoke fat spliffs every day on the sport field had a few close encounters but because i was vigilant i was sweet.

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