Weed, Ass, and South Park.

Discussion in 'General' started by Doadies, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. Best way to end the night

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  2. I prefer bud, ass, bud, food & good movie.
  3. I got skittles and carmelos lol and more GDP and trojans ;) haha
  4. I prefer weed, weed, and weed.
  5. grass over ass? ill pass...
  6. I am truly envious my friend.
  7. good way to end shitty Mondays


    If that's ur girl
    Then idk why u'd put her pic out

    Unless she's just a booty call

    To each his own
  8. i clicked on this thread again just to see that booty again before i fell asleep. lets see if i can try that lucid dreaming i've been hearing so much about
  9. That's a nice ass, good shit OP I won't mind getting a bj while smoking a blunt that would be some boss type of shit.
  10. I was watching the one where cartman is helping the police to find a serial killer. I was bugging when he was showing cartman the slideshow. DO YOU SEE?DO YOU SEE?!
  11. Wake n bake time (;
  12. Aw whut, thats winning
  13. I need to go to the head shop today n pick up the medicali bubbler I ordered :D today should be pretty awesome
  14. I too sneak ass pics. Hahaha. Good shit.
  15. Please motor boat that ass for me.

    That is all.
  16. [quote name='"kliff2004"']Please motor boat that ass for me.

    That is all.[/quote]

    Hahahah done.

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