Weed as a deterant?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by SimplySmaLLs, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. so, me and my Fiance have been going strong now for the past 2 years, i love her and we plan on getting married and moving to Portland, Oregon in 6 months. Theres no major problems with our lives, we dont argue, and all is well.

    Unfortunitly for us, We've seem to have encountered something a bit troublesome, and were hoping some of you brilliant heads out there could help.

    So the issue is, almost every night we smoke out of my 3ft, bubble bottom, just a regular bong, not a roor or anything fantastic and we both get baked (like we planned). However, 30min-1hr later, were getting ready for bed, and getting ready to do what couples do haha, and yet theres nothing. Its almost as if shes to high to concentrate on having sex, or to many things are going thru her mind.

    Does that make any sense to anyone?

    As we all know, sex is fucking the shizznit high, but is it possible that weed, could infact distract ones self to the point were their no longer interested in have sex, in like the snap of a finger.

    :( i hopes not, we kinda figured it must be the weed, cause when were rollin, drunk, yayyed out, or sober, everything goes fine.

    Penny for your thoughts?
  2. Damn, am i just dumb?
  3. It depends on how much you smoke in my opinion. I know if I'm hella faded I wouldn't be able to have sex. But if you only smoke a little bit then you should be good.
  4. It sounds like your gf lost interest in sex or am i wrong. Maybe the weed is the problem. If it gives her more of a body high she might feel lazy or something.
  5. Try having her smoke less. Maybe a hit or two from the bong then chill for a few minutes, that might get her buzzed enough for some fun. Then she can get faded afterwards.
  6. i mean iunno its confusing, id say we usually smoke at least 2 gs between us a day, sometimes blunts, sometimes bongs. I dont know honestly, all i do know is that everytime we smoke before we go to bed, theres no booty for me :-(

    Its like i have to pic what i want before bedtime, booty, or B-rips.
  7. smoke a blunt between you guys while you fuck haha

  8. Why don't you have sex before you smoke? You'll both be able to enjoy it. Save the smoking for afterwards during your "pillow talk" or whatnot.

  9. been there done that. fun stuff honestly.

    still living with her parents make smoking time more and more of an issue and now that its cold we cant go outside, but well give it a try corrus
  10. Hmm. From everything I've bee reading on line, I believe the weed is forseeing your future and telling you the eventual wedding band will be the bigger deterant in the long run.
  11. What's your approach to sex? Do you engage in foreplay, or just try to throw off your clothes and jam it in?

  12. When I'm really baked, my mind is stuck on 1 thing, but can be re-arranged in an instant, which can be annoying. I'll be really focused on a thought, and then suddenly I'm reminded of a funny show I saw earlier and totally forget my original thought.
  13. lol no i dont just throw mah draws off and try to hop in haha, she likes the foreplay and shit, but i dont know

    im totally the same way, smacked as shit, ridin down the highway ill just random laugh at a song or a t.v show i saw weeks ago
  14. If shes not horny, make her horny. rub/lick the clit ect. From there on its pretty much a cake walk. Just wait till things get mighty wet.

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