.: Weed, anyone? :.

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by illcid, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. would you like some?

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  2. =o
    i would love some of that bud man! is it really yours? and if it is, did you grow it, did a bud dy grow it or did you buy it?
  3. damn...that looks good as fuck. enjoy.
  4. looks like weed to me....:)
  5. He got that pick of a website...i have the same damn pic! ur one lousy faka if u ask me. Takin someone elses good pic and callin it ur own. Dats Sad!!!!!!!!!!!!...quit doin that, u do it all the time!!!!!!!!

  6. yeah, that's what i was thinking. you need to smoke a doobie, dude.
  7. If that has a lemony taste to it then i'm sure i've smoked that bud before.
  8. oooh! what kind of weed has a lemony taste? lemon is my favorite flavor of all!
  9. damm that shit looks Good!!!!!
  10. yeah, whats that guys problem, and no it is NOT mine, I just thought it look like some dank ass shit. Sorry if I confused any of the viewers...
  11. omfg! one hit shit! sooo nice! my mouth is drulling.
  12. that has a lot of me on it.

  13. I dunno, it was just some bag seed my mate grew. It was weird bud though, it had practically no smell until you cut it then it would sort of 'bleed' a strong lemon smell.

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