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  1. anybody use the herb as a part our their workout routine?

    not like smoking before you lift, but later that night afterwords

    im a very active lifter (2 hours 4/5 times per week) and i lift extremely heavy
    after i ilft i like to smoke at night or later that day because i feel like it relaxes my muscles and kind of reduces soreness to an extent

    anyone else do the same?
  2. I'll smoke a bowl or two before a workout, anything more and I'm easily distracted by other, less superficial things.
  3. I usually wake up, go to class, go to gym, then come back and smoke all day and get my shit done. Plus it gets me to eat a ton of food (and I don't keep junk food in the apartment, so it's all good stuff) and helps a lot with muscle and joint soreness (tendonitis in my elbow and bad knees from playing hockey).

    The times where I've smoked and then worked out, I actually hit all new PR's on my lifts. Got a really good pump too, but that's probably because my mind-muscle connection when I was blazed was amazing.

    I don't smoke then lift anymore though. My workouts always took like 30 mins longer lol.

  4. hockey player eh? me too right on
  5. Playing hockey high is the best ... anyways, as far as lifting goes I save it for after, everytime i go high i feel so lazy in there
  6. So I tried posting a new thread about this, but my computer's being an asshole so I'm just gonna post it up in here, since this is a "weed & workout" thread. :]

    So I'm a little bit of a chunks, mostly thanks to those late night munchies, and I'm trying to get into shape for the first time in my life. I've completely changed my lifestyle and mentality. I been working out every day, sometimes twice a day. Jogging for at least 30 minutes, lifting some baby weights, squats, sit-ups, all that fun stuff. I've also switched to a more nutritious diet, just making smarter choices when it comes to what I eat. I've also just started taking a diet supplement called OxyElite Pro. So far, it's a great supplement. I haven't had any negative side effects. It's working pretty great so far. However, I do smoke weed on a daily basis. Right after my work out, I shower, then spark it up. Every night without fail.

    Which brings me to my question, is it alright to continue smoking weed while taking a diet supplement, as well as trying to lose weight? People have told me that smoking marijuana can actually take away from the affect of certain medications, and I just wonder, is it fact or myth?

    I'd appreciate any suggestions or feedback. Also any advice you guys may have to help me lose some of this fatty mc fattyness would be greatly appreciated :]

    Thanks, -Nat.
  7. Smoking weed is perfectly fine during a cut as long as you have the self control to keep yourself from binge eating. Your diet supplement won't make you lose any weight: it's an appetite suppressant and nothing more, while pot tends to increase your appetite, so like I said if you can control yourself then keep smoking. If not, then stop.

    I'll recommend the same stuff to you as anyone else: find your maintenance level caloric intake, cut that by 500 and shoot for that. Heavy lifting is better than cardio for burning calories, and weight loss is NOTHING MORE than calories in versus calories out.

    To the hockey guys: I was a goalie. What positions did you guys play?
  8. I tend to work out stoned all the time now, but that's because I have like a home gym going on. It makes it really fun and you get into it after a couple of minutes.

  9. i played center :)
  10. I used to work out bro but the bud has made me really lazy. But I used to smoke after I lifted to because it does help. IF you do it before then it just fucks you up during work out haha.
  11. I for sure smoke out after every workout. Never before though. Every time I smoke before I think to myself,"fuck it I'll just go tomorrow" lol..

    But smoking after lifting or cardio I feel so good. I get relaxed and I also feel like I'm WAY higher :)

    but that's just me
  12. I can focus pretty well while stoned, need some good music on though.

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