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Weed and Weightlifting; my little experiment

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Uncommon Sense, May 4, 2011.

  1. This may sound far fetched, but may be a big deal.
    I have a pretty controlled lifestyle. I am self employed (not a dealer, an IT firm) so I can make my own schedule. I am going to list my daily schedules for the past 2+ years as it will help in comparisons:

    -2 hr gym visits every other day. mostly bodybuilding and abs (screw cardio).
    -I have eaten only beef and brocoli w/ the ocasional sweet potatoe for about 5 months now but before that I ate only beef for 4 months and then beef, noodles and a veggie for over a year. I barely ever cheat and literally eat the same thing 4 or fives times a day, from wake till bed.
    -I take the same BS supplements that everyone who lifts takes: protein, and a pre-workout normally full of caffeine.
    -(Now the fun) I have smoked every day, almost all day for the last 2.5 years while maintaining a strict workout regimen and diet. (same food, same time, everyday, all day) Much more strict than anyone i have ever heard of. For the first 2 years I smoked only kryp and for the past 6 months I have swapped on and off from the goods to some reggie.
    -I smoke all day and of course, right before I leave for the gym. Normally (for the past 2+years) I can lift non stop while going from one exercise to another while doing abs in the middle of that. I have not come across anyone yet who can keep up at all. Pain is limited as well as an amazingly controllable heart rate (when high) (I started smoking weed about a year after I started working out. I have been lifting for 4 years.)
    -I have recently stopped smoking (temporarily) and am waiting for a new jobs drug screening. (Here comes the kicker)
    -I have had amazing results, enough that friends think I'm on steroids (btw, on a list of chemicals in weed steroids is on it)
    -When I go back to the gym now without being high I am lifting less weight, doing less reps, and my heart is beating crazily. I am like my friends who couldn't keep up. This is why I joined this forum. The change is so dramatic that it must be discussed.

    -I need to know if anyone else out there lifts, diets, and smokes and how my story is comparable to theirs. There aren't many fit, gym rat potheads with low body fat percentages. I have a chemist friend whom I was willing to give blood to. lol. My workout efficiency is so much shittier now with no other variable changing that I am sure that weed was affecting my workouts in a positive way. But that sounds crazy as shit so if anyone else out there smokes and trains sound off.
  2. Interesting.

    I just get as lazy as shit when I smoke, so I try to do physical activities before smoking. Knowing me, i'd just stay on the eliptical staring at some chicks ass or in the sauna staring at some chicks ass.

    Oh my, too high. :smoke:
  3. I'm calling bullshit. You can't not do cardio and have a very low bodyfat, as well as weed takes away motivation, you're less likely to push that extra rep.

    Bullshit aside it's likely you've just plateaued and you need to switch it up.
  4. Am I to understand that you ate nothing but beef for 4 months? Or did you mean, no other meat but beef?
  5. I hate when people say weed makes you unmotivated. Perhaps you have grown dependent on bud for motivation for working out, I was dependent on cigs for a while weightlifting. Weed makes me just want to chill out though haha.
  6. #6 Uncommon Sense, May 4, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 4, 2011
    -no i ate just beef, i only ate different foods if I had to go out with people or I was at a restaurant. I was a bit overweight when I started the whole diet and exercise thing, so my early motivations were weight loss as well.

    - Definitely no BS. I know my shit. no plateau. If you eat foods with very low fat percentages and no breads or bread products you don't exactly need cardio. 2hr workouts are very strenuous.
  7. ahaha, my thoughts exactly!
  8. lol, i eat out like once or twice a month. so no one whom actually seriously lifts?

  9. So if you've had steroid like results you would have needed to bulk, then cut. Nobody gains muscle and loses fat at the same time, you can do one of the two.
    You gain muscle = you gain fat. You lose fat = you lose muscle.

    Which is where cardio comes in, which you said you don't do. This means you would have never attempted to cut fat, you could be strong, but you'd still be kind of fat. I mean the whole "steroid look" is subjective but I really don't buy it if you aren't doing any cardio.
  10. Looks good except for your eating habits, terrible. You need to have variety, more vegetables, fruits.

    I can exercise more when I'm high. I can hike while high for hours and cross 6 to 8 miles easily.
  11. Nah, not seriously enough to really confirm anything. But I do feel like weed makes workouts less painful, not to mention it's easier to zone out on the treadmill or whatever if you're high.

  12. lolol

    So that this isn't a pointless post, I also work out, smoke, and keep a fairly strict diet. I've lifted for a few years, and have stopped/started smoking several times. But I haven't noticed a difference in my workouts just because of whether or not I was smoking.
  13. the best thing is toke AFTER a good work out ;)
  14. Doesn't weed lower you heart rate? So your heart rate doesn't sky rocket because the reefer is holding it down.

    Is that right?
  15. its all mental man. for a while, i would smoke every time before the gym. it lets me just put my mind out of the exercise and just lift. when i stopped smoking beforehand, i was consistantly lifting ~5lbs less. just give it time, youll be back to where you were
  16. Thanks for an actual workout related response. I know the diet sounds crazy, but when your high all day you come up with your own unique way to solve problems.
  17. i workout 6 days a week and smoke every day all day, but have never really not had weed since i started working out 3 years ago. How long did you realize it after you stopped smoking, immediately?
  18. Weed and working out don't mix for me. I workout at least 5 days a week, usually for about an hour and 15 minutes. In the summer, I up my workout regimen and add more cardio. I maintain a mostly vegetarian diet, drink ONLY water and fat-free organic milk, and supplement with pure Whey Isolate protein, and cycle with Creatine. Point is, I take my exercise somewhat seriously.

    Except when I'm high. When I'm high, I can barely muster the motivation to get up off the couch. When I do, it's usually to walk to 7 Eleven to get some total crap food, which totally offsets all the hard work I put in when I'm not high. I have the feeling that I would have the body of a god if I didn't smoke weed.

    EDIT: I'm not sure if my response was clearly an answer to your question. The actual act of smoking makes it hard, if not impossible, to workout. But my general ability to lift and exercise has not decreased or increased since I've started smoking.
  19. My friend has been doing almost what your doing. He goes to the gym every other day and smokes before and after he goes. He claims it really does help as well so you might be on to something!
  20. I read about the heart rate as well, and I'm pretty sure most publications say marijuana raises your heart rat. but I also just read something saying it could treat heart issues. So there is no way to tell what's bs or not.

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