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Weed and venom

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Bongmaster_420, May 13, 2011.

  1. This may be an incredibly stupid question but it is bugging me and I can't find any info on it.

    I live in Africa so we have allot of dangerous snakes everywere. If I am under the influence of weed or have thc in my blood will this in any way counter or have an effect on the venom of a snakebite?

    What If I get bitten and then light some?

    I appologize in advance if this is one of the less intelegent questions asked here I just can't seem to get a definate yes or no anywere.

  2. You would die high...:laughing:
  3. I don't think THC is some magical anti-venom :D
  4. Yes I understand but can it somehow make the venom spread slower? Or maybe calm you down?
    Or maybe it can make you forget that you were bitten in the first place and then you're like wtf why is my arm swolen and turning black??
    I don't even remember who I heard it from but I saw 3 puff adders next to my house yesterday and it made me think of thc as anti-venom drug.

    It would be the most groundbraking discovery in medical history if it were true. But now that I think about it, there must have been at least a few people that have experienced this.
  5. ^ and found that weed is not that cure all illness plant. It would be crazy if it worked. Haha I appologize once again for this stupid qeustion.
  6. Well it could work...but you need to use it correctly:cool:

    Don't smoke it, vape it, eat it, not even put it on the bite....

    instead, you stuff mice full of dank buds and feed them to the snakes around your area...when the snakes are all blitzed and have that couch lock thing going...sneak up on them and remove their fangs, no bite, so no venom...:p
  7. There are no medical studies on this subject that I could find.

    Cannabis is an anti-inflammatory drug, so that might help a bit, but with puff adders, I doubt if it would make a heck of a lot of difference! Watch where you put your feet, hon!

    (And I'd be most happy to send you a copy of my MMJ List so you can educate yourself further about cannabis- just send me an email- see the bottom of my sig for the addy.)

  8. Hi Gogo (sotho for granny)

    Is this the list you are refering to?

    Now that I can think clearly about my question, a indica dominant strain like herijuana might relieve the pain and swelling from a bite, but it won't batlle the venom like a anti-venom agent might. And that may only work on snakes with cytotoxic venom. But the venom from a black mamba (neurotoxic and cardiotoxic might not even react with smoking weed.)

    So if you get bitten light up a J and go to the hospital. Then if you don't make it at least you can die happy.
  9. whoa man i would gtf outta africa lol
  10. Used in a poultice, it might draw out some of the poison.

    But this doesn't seem like a good experiment. If it doesn't work, you're dead.
  11. reminds me of a joke ..

    Two guys are hunting out in the desert. One goes behind a large rock to relieve himself.

    He drops his pants and squats down. He didn't notice the rattle snake until it was to late.

    The rattler bites him in the privets.

    He screams for his buddy to call a doctor. So his friend looks for some high ground to get a cell signal. Calls the doctor and says "My friend got bit by a rattler. What should I do?"

    "Make a small 'x' cut and suck the venom out. Otherwise your friend will die."

    He goes back to the snake bit friend.

    "What did the doctor say?"

    "He said you're gonna die."
  12. That is the smaller GC version of the list. You can get the bigger one by emailing me!

  13. Africa has more dangerous wildlife than europe or 'merica but the weather is always good, the cops are always bribe-able and weed is always dirt cheap.

    Hahaha on that skin between you a-hole and ballzack? Just imagine how comfortable that has to be to suck out:p

    Thanks Gogo I will mail you today.

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