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Weed and temptation

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Pot4fun, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. Ok, we can all agree that weed isnt addicting. i know it cant be just me that this happens to, but why are we so much more tempted to smoke weed if we're in possession of it, than if we dont have it. like for example, if i bought a month supply of weed at a time, i would probably finish it in 2 weeks. but when you dont have weed you dont make it out to be a big time issue like if a smoker didnt have a cigarette

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    I'd make it a big issue because if i don't smoke.. I get physical side effects such no appetite, restlessness, headaches, and such.. :confused_2: 
    That's because my body no longer naturally produces anandamide, and relies on intake of other cannbinoids through smoking weed.

    Or in other words, I have a high tolerance and I wouldn't feel good if I ran out of bud, and couldn't smoke for a day: just like someone who wouldn't be able to smoke a cigarette for a day.  :hide: 
    Most people with high tolerances WILL feel physical side effects if they don't smoke for a day, it's just body chemistry.
  3. Its like the same thing with your favorite food
  4. i dont know man, i was smoking like 5 times a day for a year straight until i was forced to take a week t break and  i didnt notice any physical side effects besides insomnia. the restlessness you talked about might be an indicator that you're mentally dependant though. weed can be psychologically addicting
  5. Those are physical side I said, most people who have a high tolerance and stop will definitely feel AT LEAST one physical side effect within a couple days. Just like dopamine and seritonin receptors, cannabinoid receptors need a little reboot if you're not providing the necessary receptor antagonists for that specific site, especially after its been used to that drug  :confused_2: 

    ...And hell fuckin' yes I'm psychologically addicted to cannabis because I have psychological issues that cannabis helps treat. You feel?  :bongin:
  6. yea i feel you man i didnt mean it in a bad way haha.
  7. yep its easier for me to smoke more if i have, but lately ive been able to have a little more self control and its not really bothering me that much to be honest....i think because i changed my eating habits so my bodys working slightly different.
  8. Neither did I.  :smoke:
  9. shit this is true lol.. and heres my personal example to back it up. last week, 2 weeks ago, i didnt have any herbs for like a week, but during that time i didnt really care that much and just went on about my daily life. however i picked up a couple G's last week, toked morning to night for about 5 days, still have about a g left but wanted to have a short small T break, partially to test my self control.. and over the last few days of knowing i have weed but not smoking, makes me more prone to doing it. obviously i can hold back, hell if i had enough reason to i could leave the weed for quite some time, but ill toke again in a few days, because i want to. its all in ya head, weed isn't addictive unless you think and make it addictive in your head
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    Yes weed isn't addicting but think of weed is a recreational activity such as video games and food. When you are in possession of a video game in your house you are more likely to play the video game compared to if you didn't have the video game.
    I myself am on day one of cold turkey quitting marijuana. I've decided to take a 2 week break and I feel symptoms such as anxiety and headaches. 
  11. MJ is addictive, sort of how tacos are so good you have to try them again. Mmm.
    I've been dry for months and I've been craving MJ for a while. Being here just makes it worse.
  12. Weed can totally be mentally addicting and having it around and a lot available at a time, you may be tempted to smoke more. Its not physically addicting but sure as hell can be mentally addicting. Which can be just as bad if you let it. 

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