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Weed and taking a test ??

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by whatamidoing5294, Mar 20, 2014.

  1. So tomorrow is my last day before spring break so I decided fuck it- I'm gunna smoke a few bowls (probably 3-4) before school, start about 30 mins to 8. First hour all I'd have to do is take an open book test and interact with a few teachers. Whatever, coo. Then SHIT! I realize I have a test to make up during 3rd hour (starts At 10:50). I'm gunna study sober tonight and my question is A) will I be able to call on my long term memory during the class well even though I might still be buzzing B) will I be able to recall all I studied?

    At that time I should be coming down or not high anymore at all. But sometimes I'm groggy after smoking, think I'll be fine ?

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  2. Go for it. I'm pretty sure you'll be alright. I had a college professor who use to give my friends and I crap that if we came to his lecture high we better show up to the test high because we wouldn't remember anything if we did. He was always joking around when he said it, but the dude was an older hippie type. He probably was blazing up before class.
    I use to go to class high all the time, but college classes are only like 50 mins or 1.5hrs so its not like I was stuck there all day. Rip the bong before school and hope your day goes quicker, who cares if you don't do good on 1 measly test.
  3. I like the way you think B) I'm probably stressing.. if only I had a way to stop stressing

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  4. When I study high, I take the test high. I remember readying a study that stated how when you learn something in a specific state (sober or intoxicated), you will remember it better in that state.

    I got an 89% on my chemistry final and 100% on my English final. I don't even remember taking my English final B)

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