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weed and sleep apnea?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by aluminumfalcom, Sep 27, 2007.

  1. is there any connection between weed and sleep apnea, for relief of it?
  2. definitely not, i smoke everyday and my obstructive apnea is as bad as ever. sorry man =/
  3. Check out this page from NORML's website. It has some info on Med. MJ and sleep apnea.

    Hope this helps.:wave:
  4. haha, and the first comment is another person who has smoked for years and has sleep apnea, with no alleviation. Believe whatever you want, but it's my opinion that trying to get medical mj for sleep apnea is abusing the system =/
  5. Man that is too bad that MJ doesn't help with your sleep apnea. My friend has that and he told me he can basically suffocate in his sleep. However just because MJ doesn't help you with your condition, doesn't mean it won't help others. It would be abusing the system if you got a rec. for medical MJ because like you said, it doesn't help you. I use medical MJ for Ulcerative Colitis. I've had this shitty condition for more than 5 years and MJ is a life saver. If somebody said that getting a rec. for UC is abusing the system because it didn't help them, I would disagree.
  6. I have sleep apnea and narcolepsy. Weed doesn't help me with that as far as I can tell. No amount of weed can un-obstruct your airway.

    Yet, i bravely continue gettin' high. :smoke:
  7. I'm just saying, almost every male in my family has sleep apnea and we ALL smoke weed. We all still have apnea

    I was also thinking, having sleep apnea and smoking weed is probably a bad combination, not that I'm ever going to stop. Marijuana slows down your heartbeat, increasing your chance for a heart attack (in those already predisposed to such). Throw that on top of the heart conditions created by sleep apnea and it's just one more thing putting you in risk.

    I'm just being realistic, there are much more effective solutions for this problem.
  8. I have not seen any studies which address this condition in regard to cannabis use. However, I have seen a few patients who have sleep apnea and use MJ. Those same patients also use their CPAP machines. I have heard of no negative symptoms caused by MMJ with apnea, but I always caution patients when it is their first time using it. And if they don't use a CPAP, I advise them to. :)

  9. Same with my best friend. He has almost died on a couple occasions. Smoking weed has not hurt or helped him. Alcohol seems to make it worse for him. Sorry, Ive got no science for the op, just anecdotal evidence.
  10. well, i have been sleeping better since i started taking 10mg THC oil.
    a few nights ago. my pharmacist said it had some effect on your throat
    muscles leading to fewer apnea episodes, and a more restful sleep. it's
    been only 3 nights for me so far but i'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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