weed and sex

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by jerbearbro, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. Mostly all the girls I've been with have been stoners and would love to smoke and fuck but now I have a different one who doesn't do any drug of any sort. She hardly ever wants to have sex,I can say out of a year period I've only had sex with her 10 times I need a more effective way to get laid without blazing her
  2. Try bein better in bed yo. If she dont want it somethings wrong.. Ask her what she wants if you cant figure it out?
  3. Forget weed in this regard. Getting her high or not getting her high should not be the deciding factor on whether you get laid or not. The herb is an enhancer, not a mind control device. If she doesn't want to have sex sober then I wouldn't want to have sex with her high (or drunk for that matter).

    Your sexual desires and hers do not line up. Discuss and resolve it, or part ways amicably and find partners that suit you both better.
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  4. Why would you stay with someone for a year with that little sex, does she even like you?!
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  5. Sounds like you need a woman who is more your type broski.
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  6. Treat everything in life as a lesson or a test and everything will fall into place :)

    I used to be like that until i met a girl who didn't smoke or like to get high but she completely changed my life as she taught me more about true love and life then physical urges.
    I am not with her anymore but ever-grateful for the experience and things she showed me through love that opened my eyes to a different perspective in life.
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  7. Not everyone has the special magic with everyone else. Move on young blade. You are not the one she wants to bang. You are the one she will bang when she has no other choice. You both deserve better.
  8. Very true. If they don't want it from you, they want it from someone else. Non stoners like to get down just as much as stoners do. Her not smoking isn't the issue unless she has a problem with the fact that you smoke.

    You guys must be married or have kids to still be together with that little sex going on. If you're neither of these things, it's time to go.

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  9. Straight edge culture is strict. Hard to change those core values of prudes. Slutty is the way, so go bang all day!
  10. Maybe shower more often?


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