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  1. How does the weed u buy have bag seeds in, from what i have read and learned the only way to get seed is from using a female plant and a male plant to mix to get seeds so how do so many people get seeds in with there weed, i have never had seeds in the same bag as bud so i am astonished i have read all about bag seed but dont understand how, someone please HELP
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    it's called a HERMIE..or hemaphrodite.... male sites and female sites on one plant = SEEDS...

    genetic thing i think...but i know messed up light schedules or interupped dark hours(not a sealed room and light gets in)...or lots of stress.....
  3. Your answer here is most confusing, you seem to be saying you MUST have a hermie to get seeds.
    That is of course not correct, a male will pollenate any females nearby, that is nature´s normal way, males + females = babies.
  4. i'm NOT saying ONLY hermies make seeds.....i'm saying that in his particular bagseeds are prolly hermis seeds.....no one in there right mind will leave there MALES in with there females to pollinate them purposely, if your growing to sell.....(he buys bags)....but YES, Cantharis males and females make babies........thought that was common sense.....???

    males and females make babies and hermies make babies.......straight forward enuf for ya...???
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    Can´t think why you would think that, especially as anthony6969 has said he has never had bagseed.
    Never mind, it doesn´t matter.

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