weed and schizophrenia

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  3. if the simple explanation for the Commission Report is "theyre wrong", couldnt that be the same explanation for the study linked from Norml.
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  6. Not when there are multiple studies published in the past few months that completely validate the link I gave you to NORML. I put that one up because unless you have access to the scientific journal section of the Univ. of Utah website, you can't see the studies that I can.

    What's your point?
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  10. use a Snipping Tool like i did in my OG post
  11. Weed doesn't cause schizophrenia, but if your prone to having schizophrenia cuz of genetics then it can bring it to the surface. It might have stayed dormant if you never did any drugs, it might not have, so theres really no way to prove that schizophrenia can be brought up from smoking weed.

    And I base this post on absolutely no sources haha. I'm sure it's pretty much right though, it's just the logical explanation.
  12. cannabis does not cause schizophrenia..

    why is it that in countries with high cannabis use (USA) there is not a higher percentage with schizophrenia?
  13. Can't. All the files are protected, unless you have grad-student access to them. Can't even print-screen them. They're paid access.
  14. Almost right, lol.

    Cannabis can cause schizophrenia-like symptoms to show through earlier, but if you're already predisposed to psychosis you WILL get it, whether you smoke weed or not. It doesn't just "lie dormant" until something like cannabis triggers it, which is the whole problem with the "cannabis induced psychosis" hypothesis. Just more scare tactics which have been proven wrong multiple times.
  15. Statistics can be misleading specifically percentages. So be careful in the way you are reading the facts, a lot of time skeptics that are against the use of cannabis are more than likely are the ones writing these articles. The way i have heard it says that, individuals who have schizophrenia or ones who are more likley to get schizophrenia, tend to use cannabis therefore rendering the percentage to be increased.
  16. truth.com
  17. i agree that if the % of users went up 50% over the last 100 years but schizophrenia levels havent change, then theres no story....

    i just dont know if thats the case

    interesting tho

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