Weed and Robitussin?

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    its safe. I've robotripped and gotten high before, not at the same time but its good to smoke after some robo because ur stomach will feel shitty. Just dont take more than 20 robo pills if its ur first time.

    How safe is it- its not dangerous as long as your using pills with DXM as the only active ingredient. just dont do it often as it will fuck up ur liver.

    how much should i take- it depends on your height and weight but about 17-20 would be good for your first time.

    What kind should I try- gel caps/pills. Robotussin tastes disgusting. you can find these at walgreens or cvs or walmart for about $5. Waltussin (the ghetto brand from walgreens) works too.

    Be safe bro, dont do anything crazy, try not to watch t.v and have a friend. It's fun as long as your not worried about anything.
  2. What kind of trip is it?
  3. everything is slow and sometimes you see cool things.
  4. Weed + DXM is fucking. great.

    it's a kind of trip that varies depending on level, but at lighter levels it's a lot like a drunk feeling of happiness.

    at higher levels it becomes a dissociative and you can have somewhat out-of-body experiences. it's a little psychedelic but not at all in the same way that acid or shrooms are.
  5. I remember robotrippin with my boy in high school when I looked at the Waltussin DM bottle and was like, "What does DM stand for?" and my boy who was also trippin said, "Dr. Mom." I was geeking forever over that.
  6. [​IMG]

    Is this the right stuff?

    And I took shrooms last night, and i plan on taking this and smoking some weed tonight, should I wait till the shrooms are out of my system? I just dont know if they interact with eachother at all.
  7. i would wait. and trust me dude, take the capsules, robitussin is madd nasty.
  8. ha i just took 300mg of dxm myself, plan on smokin a few joints with it
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    How much you need is entirely up to how much you weigh. I'm pretty educated on dxm so you could contact me directly if you like.

    My 150lb friend could get dex'ed with a lot less dxm then me, at ~205.

    Tell us how much you weigh and I'll get back to you on dose.

    Also, when looking at syrups, Guifanesin is the ONLY other ingredient that's acceptable, although dxm only preparations are the clear winner.

    Robo gels work great and so doesn't Zicam Max. The Max's are 400mg in one little shot.

    quick edit:eek:h and totally smoke herb too. Wait until your coming up to smoke atleast. If you're feeling like you're about to puke, that would probably be a good time to smoke, weed does help IME.

    Don't do it to get fucked up though, the absolute best way to dose on dxm is to put on some great music and lay down, close your eyes and drift off into close eyed visual land!
  10. weed n robo is totaly safe i just woke up from it and im prity sure it doesnt react with anything in shrooms. but anyway you said u were curious on the doseage as well and i would also advise using the liquid gels/pills because robo is very nasty (althought ive found plugging your nose and brushing your teeth helps in chugging the syrup) and for ur first time 15-20 pills will do u fine.(20 per bottle so 1 bottle) smoking weed while trippin is verrrrrrrry fun imo and a very wonderful feeling. if you can/want to smoke out of a varity of things and wait till you are trippin on the robo it makes it much better. but yeah try a joint, nice bong, steamroller, you will have a good night, but be ready for the morning its a doozy :)
  11. I suggest you try DXM alone before you try mixing it with weed because mixing the two can be intense.
  12. i won't do dxm unless i have weed. robo without weed is completely different then robo with weed.
  13. You'll end up something like this...

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  14. You should just smoke your herb and save the cold medicine for when you got a caugh Its not always safe too go overdossing on caugh syrup I'm sure I'll catch hell for saying that but really do what you do man
  15. i took some Claritin-D last night, and i've heard that robo tripping and claritin is bad.
    if i wanted to trip today, would i be in trouble?

    i've robotripped before after taking claritin and i didnt feel sick or anything so idk
  16. well i drank half a bottle of it
    than i had buckets like half a gram
    and was mad trippin.
    blanked out a lot.
    saw things.
    when you move it feels like when you see in movies
    where the person move but there's a shadow coming from their body.
    pretty fucked.
    and my friend was talking to my feet. apparently
    they were talking back.
    i felt horny. :/
    &yeah it was pretty fun.
    although shrooms might have a slight better high

    i was pretty much having the time of my life. :eek:
    oh and claritin does shit.
    but if you sniff benadryl its a pretty good high.
    my friend did like a pack of it at school.

  17. LOL, me and my buddies always said the same thing about Waltussin
  18. smoke right after because the robo gives you an itchy feeling and the bud seems to take it away.but DEFINATELY eat a couple hours before because or else you'll throw up.
    i made the mistake of not doing so and threw up in the movie theatre.
  19. Hey first of all no worries whatsoever about dxm + bud/shrooms interactions bc its fine.
    one thing i didn't see mentioned tho other than once was the dxm only formulas.
    Do NOT take any large amount of syrup/gels that contain active ingredients other than DXM!!!! (including Guafinessin because you will puke your brains out at a high enough dose)
    i have done DXM upwards of 30-50 times in the past few years and it's one of my favorite highs of all time, and is by far the best legal high i've ever had. So look for your regular max strength cough only (not cough and cold/congestion/etc.) medication and dose up. Yes your dose does depend on your weight and they're are a few dosage calculators out there that you can find by typing "DXM dosage calculator" into google.:p The dosage will be in mg of dxm and will place your dose in "plateaus", or levels of high. It would be smart to do a high 1st plateau first and smoke only if you feel sick to know what the dxm is like. A good rule of thumb is never to do more than 2x what you did last time because as u get up in the doses you go from feelin' good:) to tweakin balls:eek: in a damn hurry. As a final note my favorite cough syrup brand is Delsym which is a XR (extended release) formula which does lower potency to a slight degree, but it lasts waaaaaaay longer (I'm talkin dosing at 5:00pm and waking up still feeling it hardcore at 12:00pm the next day). I hope this helps and u take my advice because i'm speaking from weeks of research and countless experiences. ;)
    Have fun and Stay Safe

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