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Weed and Racing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mallory26, May 31, 2009.

  1. I'm a first-time smoker here. Me and some friends bought a couple of dimebags from a guy at our school. He told us that was enough to get us stoned outta our minds. Here's the gameplan- we go in my woods monday afternoon and have at it.

    Only problem is, I'm running in a pretty big (50k/31 miles) race 6 days later. Should this negatively affect running performance?

    Also, when we get it, will it come in a little ziplock baggie, or will it be pre-jointed up and ready to go?

  2. it should not affect your running preformance at your good on that

    now as far as it coming have to do that yourself:p...have fun my friend....
  3. 6 Days later? You should be perfectly fine. The next day you may be feeling a little drowsy, but after that you should definitely have nothing to worry about. It should come in a baggie, if it came pre rolled I would be a little suspicious.
  4. You should be fine dude. The effects wear off in just a few hours, so you will DEFINATELY be in tip top shape by race time. Good luck!
  5. Yeah man, you'll be good. I used to toke a couple hours before a basketball game when I played for my school and I'd still be having slight effects when I played, and I still did fine. However if you're smoking today and your race is 6 days later, you will have absolutely no effects remaining from your sesh then.

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