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Weed and Racing

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mallory26, May 31, 2009.

  1. I'm a first-time smoker here. Me and some friends bought a couple of dimebags from a guy at our school. He told us that was enough to get us stoned outta our minds. Here's the gameplan- we go in my woods monday afternoon and have at it.

    Only problem is, I'm running in a pretty big (50k/31 miles) race 6 days later. Should this negatively affect running performance?

    Also, when we get it, will it come in a little ziplock baggie, or will it be pre-jointed up and ready to go?

  2. will not come pre wrapped...get some wraps or find an easy bubbler bong making guide here (bubbler's allow for a nice, easy hit) no...especially 6 days later, and if you are a good racer, your metabilisim should be high enough to the point where that little bag of schwag will pass right thru you in like a week. also, you may not get high your first time. especially if its shit. but i dunno post how it went bro.
  3. No It Will Not Affect Your Racing Performance. IT Will Probably Come In A Bag. If You Ask, He Might Be Nice Enough To Roll It For You.
  4. With only a small amount, it shouldn't make a difference. The weed will most likely be in a small baggie that can be sealed, since it's only a dime. If you smoke a lot before the race though, you will find yourself getting tired really quick, unless you have a strong cardio. system.
  5. you'll be fine.
    Might not get high.
    And I don't buy that you're over 18
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    As you smoke marijuana, a film of carbon monoxide slowly builds up on the inside of your lungs that will decrease your lung capacity. It will not be significant or noticeable; just smoke a few hits to get you blazed in your situation. You will feel full effects of marijuana 15 minutes after toking, so take two hits and chill for a little bit, and then maybe a few more. Just let the effects hit you first, so you don't smoke more than you "need" to in order to have a nice time.

    You will just get a ziploc bag of weed; take your time rolling joints/blunts. You may not get high the first time. Since you're running a race in 6 days, forget blunts; they contain tobacco, as much as 1/2 a cigarette in one wrap.

    I don't buy that you think you can just randomly call people out like that... he posted here asking for advice, he did not make ridiculous comments like some of the obviously underage people on this forum. Helpful not hostile, dude, work on it
  7. if ur gonna be smoking bud and doing this racing thing. then my suggestion is keep in shape and make sure u put ur racing before smoking. u can smoke bud n go run it will not affect u but just keep doing what ur doing and ull be good. also the weed will prolly be in a sandwich bag or lil bags. u will have to roll it or get a pipe glass is best. or u can make something like O boy said. but ull be fine just dont freak out when ur high. happy smoking :smoking::smoking:

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