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WEED AND PS3 Black Ops

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nicofresh, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. theres nothing better than some cod after hittin some bowls... add psnetwork Nicofresh
  2. sure there is.
    next time, you should try smoking some marijuana and playing some NBA2k11.
  3. I prefer smoking then playing a game of left 4 dead.
  4. One word... overrated.
  5. friend request me psn- EEIET
  6. Black ops is the same shit you've been playing for the 3 call of dutys. literally, it's the same engine
  7. Dude nazi zombies is fuckin amazing after a few bowls haha
  8. i have to disagree, haha. Black ops kills my high so much, especially when I'm playing solo. Sometimes you just get so pissed off.
  9. Battlefield is the best
  10. dude xbox is so much better ps3 is gay as hell
  11. only if its Zombies :D
  12. For me it Battlefield bad company 3...its basically real life well when your high psn TOWELLIE
  13. Nothing better than a few bowls and playing fps on PC. I feel sorry for you console people with your 60fps.:)
  14. That's kick ass man I didn't even know it was in production yet. How do you like it?
  15. aslong as i play games without need to pay thousand dollars for games
  16. Who gives a shit if its overrated, its still fun.
  17. Actualy I like mw2 way better,especialy.multiplayer or online,listening to all the people talk shit and act like they are high when you pretty sure their not.
    Modern warfare 3 in november I think,its guna be fuckin sick, to bad I could get like 5.5 for the price of the game.
  18. PS3 is better then exbox. hate bitches
  19. Actually, I think having sex with girls is better high..

    But Black ops is a close second..:D

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