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weed and parents

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by TTOKE, Jan 7, 2015.

  1. in 19 and live with my parents. dont know how to hide my weed, normally my friend keeps it at his but hes moving away. this has probably come up a million times, any help?

  2. Mason jar or the old coffee trick 
  3. coffee trick? unfamiliar with this sorry
  4. I wish I had a friend I trusted with my weed lol
  5. A lot of weed -> mason jar
    little weed -> baby food jar
  6. sounds good but can that actually hide the smell good? parents have a pretty good nose for weed unfortunately
    Put it in a jar of coffee. It neutralizes the smell.
  8. Move the fuck out already.
  9. You'll be fine with your weed in a mason jar.
  10. I would say use dryer sheets (caution: dont put them in your weed same with coffe it sort of flavors your weed but a double bag set up like this would be good
    [Jar(coffe or dryer sheets(weed)coffe or dryer sheets)jar]
    as far as hidinf places go a full jar can be hid in an ac vent if its winter or a heating vent if its summer (as long as its got a removable grill and its not gonna come on) but otherwise i had some old computer speakers with reccesses screws and a huge emoty space.. if you remove the back and fill it with something soft you can nestle a pill bottle (another smell resistant option) in there and its shake proof break proof and you only have to screw one or two screws back in to keep the fully functioning speaker intact. Flashlights may also work to conceal a pill bottle (the big plastic flashlights)... yeah thats all i can think of otherwise just ask your mom if you can keep weed in her house explain you are old enough to obtain a mmj reccomendation or something
  11. Just have to be crafty. Like everyone has suggested, get a small mason jar. Then find a nice place to hide that at. I hid mine in the back of a guitar amp for years before I moved out. Just hide it someplace very uninteresting to anyone in your home. I have friends who used to keep their stash double bagged, stuffed deep inside a baseball glove that they'd keep in a closet. Just be creative.
  12. people just love saying move out on posts like this. it's not easy being on your feet and economically independent at only 19... it's stupid

    use a mason jar and 0 smell will be released if it's tight
  13. Get an airtight sealable jar, find a good hiding spot, ???, Profit
  14. I have a glass jar that holds my bud but TEA containers work wonders.  Seriously, empty a green tea or vanilla tea container and put your bag of weed inside.. the only smell coming out from it will be the tea.   I smoked for 2 years in my room and my parents were against it to hell and back... they just never knew haha. 
  15. if only it was that easy working in retail on a 0 hour contract unable to find any other sort of work that pays more than 1000 a month. 
  16. hes 19. i moved out wen i was 16. but thts a difernt story. if ur 19 nd ur not rich, try nd stay at ur parents house as long as u cud. if u have money get out. but most 19 year olds dont have money like that even if they are balling. 
  17. Either keep in a mason jar or similar airtight container or put it in a ziplock back and then maybe in a tin or something along those lines, that ought to be enough to neutralise the smell so that it won't reek. Well you'll still be able to feel it but not too much. From there on it's up to you where you'll keep it, back when I started smoking I used to keep mine under the drawer of my wardrobe like there is space between the bottom of the drawer and the bottom of the wardrobe itself. Just find soma place where you know they won't open, if you have a drawer with a key in your desk, perfect. You're 19 so I doubt they raid your room and open every possible drawer and shit so I am sure there will be a good place somewhere.
  18. thanks yeah, always get worried one day they will find it but i dont care that much at all really, just be nice if they didnt find out 
    Yeah I get that. I used to be worried about it at first but eventually a time comes when you just say fuck it, I do what I want.
  20. haha when that time comes i will have probably moved out. Its hard to do especially with what i get paid and the serious lack of jobs in the UK but hey, gotta do it sometime, its gunna be hard whenever i do it.

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