Weed and Panic attacks

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  1. Hi, I'm 19 and was an everyday smoker for about a year. Weed always relaxed me and put me in a good mood. I took a dab off of a nectar collector (I've dabbed many times and have a high tolerance) and the dab gave me an extreme panic attack. I had never experienced a panic attack and naturally I thought I was dying. I almost called the paramedics. I decided to take a long break from weed. After about a month I decide to take a hit off a blunt and boom, another panic attack. Why the sudden paranoia and anxiety when smoking herb?

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  2. Chill mate u are over thinking I suffer from a panic disorder and even some strains if I hit too hard can bring on a slight panic attack (I now know how to deal with them so don't bother me) ..

    Weed actually helps me a lot with my anxiety and panic disorder

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  3. First and foremost, setting. Are you in an atmosphere you feel absolutely comfortable in? This includes people directly interacting with you, as well just being nearby. A bad atmosphere can turn a high very bad. This also includes mental baggage you're carrying. Are you depressed/stressed out about something and those negatives come out strong during a high?

    If that's not it, check on the type of weed you're using. Not every strain has the same effects obviously and whatever you're experimenting with right now might not be for you.

    Otherwise, welcome to post-weed reality. It's not for everyone
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  4. It happens. More so today because of how potent the ganja is when compared to what it was 30 years ago. When you get into concentrates the THC can jump upwards of 80 to 90% when all of the right conditions are met. Even smoking for a year every day won't be enough to prepare you for what is about to happen to your brain. You should look up some YouTube videos about how THC effects you and how it works from A to Z.

    With that said, you'll need to relax on the ganja. I would start with hitting it once and see where that lands you. Give it 5 minutes and then if you're not high enough hit it again. Until your body figures out how to balance it all out again you'll need to go real easy on the ganja. Eventually you'll be ok and you'll be able to get baked at will.

    If you get another crazy panic attack in the future you know what's about to happen and what about to NOT happen to you. This will be enough to get you to relax enough that you won't want to call the police or anything. You won't be firing, you won't be going crazy and your heart won't explode. Just got to Waite long enough and things will sort themselves out.

    Here are some things you can do when you are actively having a panic attic. Go for a walk and keep moving. It masks the pound heartbeat and pulse you can sometimes feel. Also the activity will help burn the effect your getting from the ganja via your metabolism. Drinking lots of water will help as well. As you're drinking and emptying your bladder you will be giving a place for the stuff that's giving you a problem to flush out too. Then you just piss them out. It's why they give you fluids in the hospital via IV. Keep your mind occupied with something. Actively giving your brain something to do will force it to do what it normally does and will help get you to a place that doesn't fuck with you so bad.

    Some things you'll want to steer clear of for obvious reasons like stimulant type drinks like energy drinks. Red ill will give you wings and marginally increase your paranoia and fear. Don't fucking do it trust me. If you're a bust then don't go walking in a place that will get you busted. Stick close to what you know as far as location goes. don't keep eating as your activity. Nothing will make you feel like you're dining like having eaten to much, feeling like you're about to fucking explode and shit your pants at the same time, mid panic attack lol!

    Most important though, remember that it isn't going to last forever. You'll be alright in an hour or two at most. So breathe as regular as possible, not to deep, not to shallow, not to fast and not to slow. Just focus on taking the perfect breath. On the exhale, try a nice long "OHHHHHMMMMMMM" or "HHHHUUUUUUUUUUUUU" lasting the entire exhale. Say it in your mind so you can continue to breath correctly. Do that right and you just might wake up after a nice long nap. Perfectly rested and ready to go forth and kick some ass!

    We all have had the dreaded panic attack and for those who haven't, you certainly will at some point. It has everything to do with how strong ganja of today is. That is to say we are getting unnaturally high levels of THC to grow in the plant. I have personally gotten lab certified ganja at well over 32% THC. That is pretty fucking potent. Now go make some wax out of that, stick it in your rig and dab it. That's why we have strains with names like train wreck lol or sleeper names like sour D. Supposedly sour D consistently gets high 20's to the low 30percent THC.

    Fuck I'm high as a kite...and another damn novel is born. I'll cut it off here heh heh heh ...
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  5. Looks like someone is becoming an adult. You are starting to get bills and the sressers of life. Sometimes weed can spark anxiety, especially sativas. When I was a teenager without a care in the world nothing affected me either. Then couple jail visits, a child, and bills, well things changed a lot. Finally am getting things under control again and got a promotion.

    Sade's outdoor Bigfoot territory grow
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  6. I read this and instantly looked @ the McKenna Avatar.

    I wish more people would advertise their McKennaism. A bit...difficult in the "real" world perhaps :GettingStoned:
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    As someone who suffers from PTSD and severe anxiety I can get panic attacks from certain strains. I try and stay away from super high THC Sativa's because experience has shown me the effects are a little too cerebral and can magnify some of my existing issues. I like Indica's and if I am going to smoke during the day Indica dominant hybrids. I also have been getting sinus headaches from smoking recently but this usually only occurs during allergy season.
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  8. Check your strain? Add some high CBD wax to your dabs.

  9. If your chill with chill people in a chill environment with no chance of getting caught you won't have a panic attack,
    If your trying to sneak in a sesh before going out or chance of being caught or in a public spot, chances are you'll get the same panic attack
  10. It happens take a hit and chill

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  11. ajroxit nailed it! Basically... Everything he said, lol. But on a serious note, he's right, we will have this happen to any of us at some point. It does boil down to strain, emotions and mental state, and location. As far as strain goes, if this supply was both from the same person, try getting your weed elsewhere. Stick with leaves. I wouldn't do dabs right now. And for mental state, there are a hundred things that can cause baggage, trauma, and mental roadblocks that summon anixety. School, work, change of location/surroundings, stances on family and friend relationships, romantic relationships, fianances, bills, whatever. Clear your mind. Do some yoga. Learn how to control your breathing. No caffeine past noon. Don't smoke within 8 hours of consuming caffeine. Researching how other people handled this situation might also help. We're here for you, OP. :)
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  12. your mind is weak
  13. anxiety is not a fun time for anyone, it would seem that weed may trigger you to think about things you wouldn't normally , there is probably an unresolved underlying issue that you need to deal with.

    I used to get it but started taking CBD oil and do not suffer any more, at one point i couldn't even eat in public without getting panicky.

    you can beat it dude
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  14. Iv'e suffered with anxiety and panic attacks since my early 20's. Iv'e started a thread a while back to compile any information on anti-anxiety strains and any other cannabis practices that can help, not exacerbate anxiety. I'm sure you will find it useful.

    The Search For Anti-Anxiety Strains MEGA THREAD
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    And you're a f'ing asshole, what's your point? People come here looking for answers and some of you, especially new members like to drop one smart ass line and offer no help. This is very widespread issue and despite the goofball teenagers looking to get blazed, this is something that can help thousands of people so be respectful about it, who knows... maybe when your balls drop and you get out on your own, you will find the skeletons in your closet start to weaken your mind as well numbnuts.
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  16. Why did you take that as an insult lol. My point is that he needs to stop caring about things. Imagine the worst that could happen and don't care about it. If I'm worrying that I'm getting busted smoking weed I just don't care. The worst could happen is to get beaten up but what is pain afterall? Getting kicked out of the house? Lol I don't care.
    Do I care if I die right now? I little bit but not that much. A car could hit me anyday but what can I do? Nothing just dont care.
  17. True words there man!

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  18. perhaps you should of wrote that instead of "your mind is weak"

    but in all honesty your point is weak, you may be impervious to panic but most are not. you ever heard the saying pride before the fall - I too thought i was a cool dude bad ass until i had my first panic attack.

    it sounds like you may have some aspergers if you just dont care or have empathy for anything, but then again i dont believe you dont care about anything, i think your trying to sound cool / tough
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  19. I have Aspergers, and I can confirm we have some level of empathy, except our brains are wired a bit different and we tend to experience empathy differently. Those who completely lack empathy and have no regard for anyone but themselves are narcissists.
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