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Weed, and ONLY weed.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by The Captain K, Mar 12, 2011.

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  1. #1 The Captain K, Mar 12, 2011
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    Alright, heres my rant. What the hell is up with people talking about shit other than the sticky icky herb on this board? Comon people this is GRASScity not MDMAcity or HEROINcity, or SPEEDcity, fuck off. Im pissed. It saddens me that some people of the board would even discuss such hard drugs that ruin the lives of people. How bout you all just stick to weed, it's GREAT. Not that hard shit.

    Fuck it.
    Im done with my rant.
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  2. What criteria exactly makes a drug "hard" as opposed to "soft"?
  3. Lol. Maybe you should smoke some more so you take a step back and realize you're a human being ranting about a forum, or is this the norm for this century?
  4. There was a time when discussion of that stuff was allowed. You can hate on it but just gotta let the people who are gonna do it, do it.

  5. softcore and hardcore, just think about it...
  6. What do those words even mean in this context?
  7. I havn't noticed any excessive 'other' drugs talk :/

  8. Me either. The captain K must be for Ketamine

    Every once in a while some n00b will show up and not read what the fuck is right in front of there dumbasses!
  9. Smoking Heroin is great, :hello: but your right this is not the place to discuss this.
  10. E ruins peoples lives? You're joking right? No?...
  11. hard drugs kill and can be addictive.such a heroin crack meth all that shit.simple as that now stfu with what exactly are soft and hard drugs.if you get addicted to weed you got some fucking problems
  12. i've barely seen any talk about heroin, crack and meth on this forum..

  13. Withdrawal symptoms.

  14. can't become addicted to weed.
    it's impossible
    Addiction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    educate yourselves people

  15. Not all over the forums, just around.

  16. why do you think i put if you become addicted you have (some fucking problems)
  17. I'm sick of this holier-than-thou attitude a lot of smokers these days have.

    Let people take what they want, they have only themselves to blame if they fuck up their lives. It's almost like you're automatically written off by society at large as a lost cause when you do "hard" drugs.

    Yes a lot of people have fucked up their lives because of their addictions, but that's on them. A lot of people have also managed to continue to lead relatively normal lives or stay productive, and not necessarily by quitting.

    Personal responsibility is everything. Just because something can be bad for you, is not a reason to outlaw the substance. Alcohol can be devastating but it's accepted (or even loved) throughout the western world. About 90 years ago it was outlawed, look where that took us. The illegal status of said hard drugs is a big reason why people fuck up their lives because of it, drives up the cost, makes you a criminal for buying/selling, no oversight (they put anything in pills nowadays), and a lot of violence.

    I say legalize (or at least decriminalize) all drugs.
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  18. there is no "if"

  19. a lot of people have fucked up other's lives by being addicted. My Dad was a coke head. He left me and my mom when I was little. I've heard of people high on 'hard' drugs while driving and slam into another car killing people. There is no room for the use of 'hard' drugs. It doesn't only affect the user
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    and that dsnt show you cant gett addicted to weed...I know plenty of people that ust to be able to function perfectly untill they started smoking they cant go a day without smoking.once they get money they dnt think about buying anything besides bud,whether it is dank or bottom of the barrel dirt.

    sure its not such as addicting as heroin and has the same symptoms such as withdrawl.but it is addicitive.thats like saying you dont do the daily things that you do everyday ect routine.once you get in the rut of your routine you find yourself doingit over and over and you find it hard changeing it
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