Weed and only weed?

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    Hey everyone I've seen a lot of threads about all kinds of different pills, syrup mixes and other harder drugs. I'm curious how many of you really keep it green and stay away from pills and other stuff?

    I just smoke weed and do shrooms every once in a blue moon, am I alone on this ??

    Reason why this is not in pandoras box is because it would be a biased poll if it were.
  2. Nah man just toked some weed real good tokes, I'm only at weed but my friend back at college use to sell some pills ya know, he gave me a Vike or two every now and then since we're good friends. But shit I stay away from all the hard drugs to, only done shrooms once with a cousin but I want to try it with my friends this year.
  3. Toke, Toke, eat a Muchie Head and Toke more! ! Wo0o
  4. List of what i'll do

  5. I MOSTLY only smoke weed, but I do drink alot. I'll pop some pills if they're infront of me but I won't go out of my way to buy some unless I have enough weed....
  6. I'm all about the MJ and only MJ. No other drugs, rarely drink..rare...and I quit smoking cigs a while ago. :metal:
  7. Oh yeah...I forgot to mention MUNCHIES!:D
  8. Yea hate to post again but lol, yea I drink a lot on weekends gotten a high tolerance unfortunately I'll need like 10 brews to get to drunk or around 7-8 shots instead haha. Yea I never buy pills just had some thrown my way once in a while.:smoking:
  9. ill do any hallucinogen...mainly weed, shrooms and lsd here and there (more lsd cuz i recently got a great hookup)....the only pills i will fuck with is rolls...anything else sucks if ya ask me...pills are lame...i would rather just trip than do pills...and i hate alcohol, drugs are so much better lol

    in 2 weeks me and like 5 or 6 guys are gonna go to NYC to visit a buddy who lives there...we are bringing a shitload of acid and were all gonna trip and smoke weed all day...then go to a water park lol...shud be a great weekend...then 4 days later ima roll at 311 and ziggy marley
  10. I've done almost every drug under the sun, but I just stick to my weed now...I'm too old to be playing around with all that other stuff....don't really drink unless it's a special occassion...I do smoke cigarettes, but working on quitting those....and I will take a pill, but only if it's prescribed to me....xanax now and then to sleep and Vicoden for toothaches
  11. Just weed for me...If I really wanted I could get any other drug/pills very easily, but I've never really been interested.
  12. greens,fungus,tabs, and the occasional opiate(s)
  13. Cheat on maryjane? yeah right, its all I need. No other drugs in this body!

    I do drink a lot though, but that doesn't count.

    I've tried other stuff, but nothing does it for me like weed. Plus the other stuff tends to get expensive and complicated. Too much hassle for my liking.
  14. i haven't only done MJ, like many of us on here, but that is all i do now. I rarely drink anymore, i used to be an alcoholic. I've taken ecstacy like 4 times in the past year, but haven't done it in at least 6 months. E is the only thing i can see myself doing again.

    oh & i smoke cigs too, but i'm cutting back drastically w/ em
  15. Weed is the only daily thing I might do.
    Ill also do:
    few pharms

    I will never even try:
  16. Everything...fuck it, i do everything.

    Put it in front of me and I'll do it.
  17. I keep it to weed, pills and lsd. I don't think I do anything else....


    I've tried other drugs, but they're not for me.
  18. Besides smoking the amazing herb, I've done shrooms twice. I don't think I'll do shrooms again, but I will try X once if I can find ultra-clean rolls.
  19. "everything fuck it I do everything"
  20. I primary smoke the ganja as part of my daily routine, but with the occational delving into the psychedellics; Shrooms whenever I can get them(this time of the year about once a week), and Acid or X maybe once a month.

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