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Weed and nicotine tincture?

Discussion in 'General' started by nolossis, Feb 21, 2013.

  1. Weed and nicotine tincture?
    I am currently making a small amount of "green dragon", with some 80% mint alcohol, and i was wondering if I could add a gram of tobacco (for the nicotine) to the mix to add to the buzz, and leave it for another few days before filtering it.
    I am aware of the dangers of nicotine, but since I would only be consuming about 1-2 mg of nicotine at a time, would there be any danger? will it add to the effect?
    thank you for your help.
  2. shrug.. nicotine is a lethal poison and I have no idea how much nicotine would be extracted by this process. the web says 30-60mg is enough to kill an adult.
  3. I wouldn't do it! Math refresher course-

    28,349.5 Milligrams = 1 Ounce, and that's a dang small amount!

    There are 1,000 mg (milligrams) in 1 gram, so 0.001 grams equal 1 mg. Are you willing to bet your life that you won't extract a mere 30 mg of nicotine out of the 1000 mg tobacco? :eek:

    And the usual physiological response to orally ingesting tobacco is emesis, that's vomiting, in case you are not up of your medical terms! Tobacco is poison, and your body knows it- even if you don't seem to realize it! :cool:

  4. Yes alcohol and tobaco are poisonous but they give you a buzz so you must drink them.drink it all and dont worry.
  5. umm, i... uhh... what?
  6. Be careful about how much you consume..I've never had Green Dragon, but it sounds harsh. And Nicotine is definitely not a good mix. It is very easy to overdose on, and even though I think most likely you won't die, it is VERY likely that the nicotine will make you vomit. Just drink the drink without nicotine and smoke cigarettes as you see fit.

  7. I want some of what he's smoking c:

  8. Y does everyone always say that?
  9. #9 Buddha_Man, Feb 21, 2013
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    As much "knowledge" as you spew granny, i have to disagree. Ive ingested far more than 60mg of nicotine through the use of Thunder Snus, and i never had an O.D situation. Sure, commercial cigarettes are bad, but nicotine itself has many beneficial properties in moderation. As does alcohol. As does cannabis.

    Tobacco is not a poison. Native americans called tobacco the "mother plant". do some research for once in your old life.

    The problem is not the substances...the problem is abuse. Peace.

    Personal attacks are unecessary and not welcome here..
    Keep comments like this to yourself
  10. yeah maybe over a long period of time.... not at once, don't be silly
  11. Sooooommmmeeeeeoooonnnneeeeee got offended. Lol

  12. soooooooooommmmeeeoooooneee can't think of an original thought.
  13. Sooooommmmeeeeoonnneee is still offended
  14. I won't lie, that sounds grossss.

    I could never be able to do that and I'd advise against it.
  15. Why would you come at someone like you know what you are talking about, if you don't? Thunder SNUS is 16/mg nicotine per portion, of which it takes up to 2 hours to absorb it all into your system. Recent tests show that after an hour with a portion in, there is still a lot of nicotine left in the portion. So you are not coming anywhere close to taking 30 mg or more of nicotine at a time. And its easy enough to find out how much nicotine is lethal and/or harmful. Google is your friend.
  16. Thanks for the answers, but I must say, I am only putting in a gram, or even half, into a 20ml green dragon, which i'll be consuming only up to 1ml at a time, which means probably less than 1mg of nicotine, wich is less than a cigarette... i just wanted to know if it'll serve a purpose, don't say i'll vomit, cause with 1 to 2 mg, i may not even feel it... thanks for the advice anyway guys :)
    with 1mg, do you think it will have any effects?
  17. ok, so i got board of w8ing, and put in about 2/3 of a gram, ill see what happens in a day or two when i filter it and take it to my friends party... we gonna get high!!! (hopefully... this is my first time consuming weed in another way than smoking... hope it doesnt go wrong, lol)
    ps: is there a chance the nicotine will kill the thc or something?
  18. :eek: Where has the fooking neg rep button gone :mad:

    Sounds like you know what you're doing :rolleyes:

  19. ok, so i'll post again once ive tried it, and explain the effects :)
    who knows, maybe I just created something awesome! ... on the other hand, maybe i just made poison and imma die in two days, lol
  20. my tincture is ready, i ended up with just over 20ml, i'd say it has ] 3/4 gram thc, 10 mg nicotine, about 20ml 80% mint alcohol (from France :) )

    I'll be trying it tomorrow, any last advice?
    PS: does anybody know which is better, under tung or swallow?

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