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Weed and My Lungs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Elegant_Smoker, Feb 10, 2011.

  1. I wanted to hear other peoples thoughts on this. Well I smoke cigarettes about a pack a day and smoke daily I am constantly coughing up tar. I took a small 5 day T break and I completely stopped coughing but my lungs felt clogged almost. I consider myself quite educated on weed and I know it's quite harmless but not perfect. So to the point do you think I stopped coughing up tar because I stopped smoking for a lil or is it that the bud has been cleaning out my lungs making the tar come up. If it's actually benifiting me than that's awesome just another + to smoking! :bongin: By the way once I took a hit for the first time in 5 days I coughed up tar on the first hit
  2. well i guess it is the weed thats helping u cough it up.but yea man seriously quit or at least cut back on the cigs i used to smoke a pack a day too but now bout 1-3 cigs a day.

    i wanna get an e-cig too sounds alright nicotine without the tar
  3. Yeah I actually stopped using it for a couple days and I'm puffin on it right now tryin not to smoke a cigarette it's hard when you see everyone suckin down the cancer sticks around you
  4. yea i know man been there but honestly the cravings are not that bad.u just gota have will power.i could proly quit cold turkey now if i wanted to
  5. Try vaping... i'd highly suggest investing in one. Your lungs will thank you
  6. When you got the inspiration i completely agree but when you just have one of those bad days the inspiration just disapears and you just start puffin again but if you can do it go for it for real. I'm gonna try not to smoke another cigarette tonight hopefully I can follow through.
  7. Now that I think about it I had one sold it but I actually coughed up MORE tar when I vaped which is making me lead to believe even more it cleanses my lungs :cool:
  8. My dad passed away 2 years ago, he used to smoke too many cigs... So, I havent touched a single cig since that day, only weed, and I feel great.


    seriously though I never smoked habitually and a few close friends have smoked and the difference between us is crazy, I can take bigger tokes then them/run father, faster/go up stairs without weezing etc.

    try it.

    thats goes out to all humans. dont smoke cigs

    weed+cigs vs lungs is unfair

    weed vs lungs then were talkin

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