Weed and my fever

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  1. Im sitting here right now with a little bud left and a medicali. The past 2-3 days ive had about a 100 fever feeling like complete shit. I woke up today with an especially bad headache. Ive been smoking a little bit everyday since I've been sick.

    I really want to smoke a bowl because I know being high will help me feel better, but I also heard that on the come down my headache will come back a lot worse. Is this true?
  2. not necessarily. just keep yourself hydrated. eat healthy foods

  3. thanks a lot appreciate the info
  4. [quote name='"Eggnug"']

    thanks a lot appreciate the info[/quote]

    And watch tv and joke with yourself. Get goofy. Get your mind off feeling sick and youll completely forget. Don't dwell on the headache
  5. Going through the same shit right now mate. Im just trying to smoke less, and vape more. I dont think its made me any worse/better over the last few days, so give it a shot.
  6. it might just be better to take a few days off. I don't really have an experience with it but that's just what I would assume. and of course, as tastytrichomes said, stay EXTREMELY well hydrated.

  7. sounds like a great idea. booting up Netflix now

    alright. i heard that it can slow you down from being 100% but i dont see that making sense. im defiantly going to smoke thanks guys
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    go load a fatty
  9. im really fucking high

  10. Thats another thing iv noticed. Since iv been sick I feel like I get 10x more blasted off the same ammount of weed.
  11. Cannabis will also help lower your fever! :D

    A Cooling Effect From Cannabis? (news - 2005)

    Marijuana Might Really Make You Cool (news - 2005)
    [FONT=&quot]Marijuana Might Really Make You Cool: The Hempire - [cannabis, britain][/FONT]

    Cannabis, it's just plain good medicine! :smoking:

    (If you get too bored, click that first link in my sig and just read the titles until you get to one that you HAVE to read!)

    Hope you feel better!

    Granny :wave:
  12. yeah there is no doubt weed helps your fever. its just hard to get by smoking with a headache because we've all got our fair share of headaches. but i didnt feel sick 1 bit just really high
  13. Just don't stop smoking..you'll feel much better
  14. Doesn't smoke do something with your phlegm?
  15. I believe it's an expectorant which means it helps clear phlegm out of your lungs. I personally always vape when I'm sick cuz it helps clear out my lungs and open my airway

  16. Really? I vape too and I find that the hot air must irritate my sinuses somehow because I often get red watery eyes and a runny nose often when I vape. It's not as bad now, but I also used to get strong coughing fits when vaping. It could be either me, or I got a great vaporizer hehe.
  17. I feel like this happens to me except when I'm smoke $20 a gram dank, mids I usually do feel like the vapor is a bit irritating, I find running the vapor through my bong hydrates the smoke amazingly and solves this problem though
  18. When I am sick, and want to bring the Spirit of the Buffalo back into my heart, I turn to medicines of my culture:

    Campell's Chicken noodle soup, Dayquil and Sprite. With a small bong hit or 2 in between.
  19. Haha i JUST finished watching that episode, did you?

  20. No, but I think of it every time I'm sick, and I feel like shit.

    Might have watch it again.

    I'm actually drinking Canada Dry, taking Vicks Nature Fusion cough/expectorant and Tylenol, and tempted to nuke a thing of Campell's Chunky Chicken Noodle.

    And doing few bongs.

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