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Weed and medicine? and question about joints

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by buddie1235, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. Will weed recact bad with acid reflex medicine or xanax or anything else?
    and is Juciy Jay joints good?
  2. i've never had a bad reaction when mixing chronic and xanax. or vicodin, percodan, oxycontin, ambien, hydromorphone, codeine, darvocet, lortabs, or anything else. i've done rather extensive research in that field.

    i will warn you, it might make the effects of the xanax seem more powerful...or vice versa, the xanax might make the chron seem more powerful.

    i wouldnt use juicy jay papers. or any flavored ones at that. get some good old zig-zags or j.o.b.s. make sure theyre 1.25s and not parachutes.

    toke on, big guy.
  3. im not mixing the pills with the weed just on them for perscription just makig sure and ill try get zigs thanks
  4. Yep, What he said. Shouldnt have any bad effects, Ive never had any.

    And juicy's arent the greatest, Never burn to well no matter how you roll em.

    I dont roll much joints (always blunts) but zig zags are always good alogn with elements ect.

    I got these 'wildfire vanilla cream' papers and their actually pretty good too.

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