Weed and lifting weights.

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  1. Any benefits?
    Idk if i should smoke while lifting, what are the pro's and con's of smoking and lifting weights?
  2. It all depends on your personality. If you're a lazy smoker, then, no... But, I feel like weed motivates me. So, if I were you, YES.
  3. I'm a kinda lazy person, but i can do stuff if im motivated enough.
  4. its not that different..but for me, its a waste of weed
  5. I smoke everyday before I workout, I feel that it allows me to push myself further than usual because the pain from lifting alot seems to go away, its a bitch working out with cotton mouth though lol.
  6. I hear smoking weed makes you weak... which i think is true because it relaxes you and your muscles.. not make em all intensified lol.
  7. Not at all.

    It relaxes your mind. Which could be motivation is some cases.
  8. i smoke weed day and night. i love working out when im blazed. but my favorite place to go when im blazed and by myself is walmart/hyvee because i love interacting with people that i dont know when im stoned. i love it when people ask me if im tired and i give them the reply that im baked off my ass. and i love talking about marijuana outloud so that others in the store can hear me but not being obnoctious with it. back to the topic. im not sure if weed makes me feel weaker or stronger when im working out as a zombie. im usualy in my own little world not giving a fuck
  9. Hm, for me its a matter of why im in the gym, if its with a team then im not going to smoke, if its by myself and more about my own personal development then smoking before is just fine
  10. I'm usually by myself, or with a few close friends who also smoke pot.
    So yeah, it wouldn't really be bad if i was stoned around them.
  11. for me i work out, take a shower, smoke, relax. i think it kinda helps motivate me so when i work out i get excited to smoke.
  12. I've actually looked into this and found that you don't benefit physically being high while lifting.. maybe mentally tho ;)
  13. Truth. I usually try to get high before I lift. I know I feel like I can push myself harder.

    I was doing pyramids for benching and I was able to increase my max every time I lifted.
  14. Physically, it does nothing, doesn't make me any stronger or weaker. But in a way, I get more mentally motivated. Since most stoners are aalways being too lazy too work out and being skinny, I just want ot break that image, so I work harder.
  15. I feel like it varies. I smoke down before every one of my basketball games. I'm a point guard so I feel like it helps me relax and see the plays develop. It's funny because no one at my University has ever really noticed. The only people who know are my team mates and a few close friends. They think I'm crazy and they say they'd never do it. Oh well, it works :rolleyes: Anyway, I also work out when I'm blazed too though. I normally do other exercises than lifting weights though. I work more on conditioning and footwork.
  16. I work out with a buddy. we usually roll a jay light it up when he picks me up or i pick him up. smoke it on the 10 min drive to the gym. do some cardio (i noticed it makes me feel a little less high and focused) and then i lift. swim. take a shower. then we go out to the parking lot. we each pack a bowl in my bubbler then go to the steam room/sauna/hot tub. i never get sore anymore i feel it helps me recover very welll
  17. If I'm doing "fun" exercise, like hiking a mountain with my buds, I'll smoke before! But not if I'm lifting.

    Two reasons: My lungs occasionally get tight after smoking, so it's a no-no for when I'm benching without a spotter (a no no, but I have supports to at least stop the bar so I don't get more than uncomfortable if I can't get the bar up) or dead lifting. I only weigh 125 (I effing hate still being a skinny ass when I'm already half way through college), but I can bench about 170-180. Crud.

    And my favorite reason: Since lifting weights releases endorphins (and especially running, runner's high is awesome), smoking after I lifts seems to get me WAY higher. Maybe because of the increased heart rate/oxygen levels?...

    This ESPECIALLY happens when I do sprint intervals, since that's guaranteed to get any but the most in-shape mofos an insaaaane runner's high/ lightheaded happy feeling when done as "all out" as you can. :D
  18. smoking weed and lifting weights is one of the more pleasurable things to do. I don't see any cons. The pros to me are that I'm more focused and or zoned out. When I'm like this, my muscles are relaxed and more importantly my mind is relaxed which allows me to do more reps and at a better pace.

    I've started to smoke every time before working out now for about the last month. I've noticed considerable gains.
  19. when i first started hitting weights again i loved smoking AFTER working out, which helped with my already euphoric state but relieved muscle soreness.

    tried it before and i was too lazy to workout (or forgot), or tried cardio and because of how much weed speeds up your heart rate i felt like shit and stopped 2 min in
  20. I'm usually somewhat high when I get in the gym. The gym is a school gym and I pretty much need to be baked in order to stand all the bad, bad technique and routines.

    Everyone else in my gym isolates muscle groups(work their legs one day, arms the next etc) and I've actually been told my routine sucks because I do squats every day i'm in there. Also only like two other guys work their legs, everyone else is upper body warriors.:smoke:

    I'm also the only one who does any kind of real weight progression. Everyone else just pumps out the same weight and somehow think they'll make gains.:D

    So yeah, my gym atmosphere needs a little weed enhancement sometimes lol.

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