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weed and its impact on life....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by smokedatchronic, May 27, 2009.

  1. alrite guys so its summer. i used to only smoke once a week during the school year usualy on the weekends. but now that its summer i have more access and i can do it so much more that i could before. i used to only buy a g at a time to save money but once again because its summer i get more money.

    im starting to smoke alot more than usual. ive only smoked about 20 times or so but im almost positive that'll exceed 50 by the end of the summer. ive always been athletic and in shape and ive always had good grades. i kno weed doesnt effect this but i still get worried sometimes,

    and i always feel like shit after i smoke for some reason. like after the high is gone and stuff. im also relatively young so im looking for a brighter future and shit and i dont want weed to be the center of my life. i kno i dont have to smoke it but it seems im almost addicted to the feeling. i feel like i should stop but then i hear about people who smoke literayl 3 times a day and then i feel better.

    so what are ways i can stay away from weed? and will smoking weed alot in the summer effect me for next year? and how can i not feel shitty after my high?

    thanks everyone
  2. Cannabis isn't addictive. So you might just hate being sober rather than go through withdrawals. And the shitty feeling you get, it's called being burnt out. It happens to everyone that smokes a shit load then comes down, or sleeps.

    It shouldn't affect you much. Might gain a few pounds from all the munchies. It actually will probably improve a lot of things. It has for me.

    Just don't let it get in the way of school and doing productive shit, and you'll be fine.
    Take me for example, I toke, sit around for an hour, then go record music or something. Being productive on weed is the key.
  3. i kno its not addictive. idk i always get tempted to get my bong out and go smoke whenever my house is empty and like lately ive always been relating shit back to weed like "omg that would be so cool high"

  4. It happens to everyone, dude :) I just recently started and now all I can think about is toking up. Or how AWESOME things would be high.

    And I do toke up whenever the house is to myself or I'm with buds. But it's just about self control, knowing when to have a few sober days to get shit done, and knowing when to get silly and fucked up haha.
  5. Dude firstly you deffinately dont save money buying by the gram, basic rule of buying and selling, you save by buying in bulk so if i were you the very least i would buy is an eighth, but usually you should buy quarters or half ounces and store them in jars, or if your budget permits it buy an ounce. The whole thing you have about not feeling good after could be combated by eating healthier, because the smoke depletes nutrients in the body, but your stoned so you dont really feel it till you come down, This is called being burnt out, which usually goes away anyways with time.
  6. Well, you can always physically stop yourself from doing anything, and mentally aswell.

    I tried smoking ciggs, i did it for about 2 weeks 2 times a day, and i was pretty addicted. Then one day i just said no more, and it was somewhat challenging, but i managed to stop completely. I know it doesnt rank high up there with the hardcore smokers, but its the though that counts.

    And that shitty feelins is you just burning off/out. You tend to get tired and you just feel crappy.

    Hope I helped,
  7. If weed takes time upon things you would enjoy or thing you have to do - Then you might have a problem.

    Don't worry yourself with the future - I know these thoughts of "But what if I'm really affected by pot?" are very present and real - but once you've sat down and looked at what you are able to achieve while enjoying the herb, you'll understand.

    Don't be fooled though, marijuana can become for some people a negative in their life - But don't go and think that because a small minority turns out bad - that you will.

  8. Don't do whats good for your crew, do whats good for you.

    What I'm saying is all people are different, if your having a problem with it then stop blazing. Do whats good for you. I don't even know what your problem is besides that you say you feel like crap afterwards. Maybe try getting laid after blazing? Or do something good. Your young so don't just sit around like a craphead. If your just a little sleepy after it wears off, it's part of being burnt sometimes. shit happens.

    "When your losing your high, then SMOKE AGAIN!"-Talib Kaweli and Kanye West
    thats what we live by over here.
  9. I think these forums are keeping me from productive shit more than the herb. GC is so goddamn addicting. I need an intervention...
  10. thanks guys you really helped. and the problem with buying in bulk for me is i kno its always sitting there waiting to be smoked and im soooo tempted. but you guys seriously cheered me up plus rep for everyone and now im gonna go smoke more!
  11. It's not gonna hurt you man. Just don't smoke all day and do nothing else. As long as you get your shit done, its ok to toke.
  12. wait shit i cant go smoke god dammit haha. oh and how long til a t break has an effect? like a week or two later?
  13. Personally, I think everyone reacts different to weed. Some people are mature enough and responsible enough to smoke all the time than others. In todays society, especially in America, marijuana has developed this "bad like" image mainly because of the government making it illegal in the first place, and past events such as the 60's. What is so wrong with this natural herb, especially when comparing it to alcohol which kills over 275 thousand people a year. Yes the smoke is bad for your lungs, but this is so for tobacco. just because something is illegal in certain parts of the world, doesnt make it right. was slavery right? alcohol was illegal for a part of history as well. Just because people smoke pot, doesnt mean they are bad people at all. I personally smoke weed every day, and i am a full time student at a nice university and am doing very well so far. I have learned to take care of my school work, and not just getting it done, but getting it done proficiently. This natural herb that has this "horrible satanic" image from society has not effected my life in a negative way at all. This past semester, i actually began smoking every day, and I actually did better in school and the semester went by great! There are some people out there that abuse the use of marijuana and do stupid things, but everyone has the free will to do what they want. people who drink alcohol a lot have this free will also; they can abuse the privileges. despite the image marijuana has been given over the past century, even though the plant has been around longer than we know and has been used for many purposes longer than we know, I think weed is God's gift to the world because of its medical and science purposes, and its an herb that everyone can enjoy when using it RESPONSIBLY!!! For everyone who smokes bud and enjoys to do it in order to help move their life forward in a positive way, then all i have to say is TOKE UP! Dont let anyone tell you something is wrong when they know nothing about it. Smoking wee has made me realize a lot more about life and had caused me to think outside of the box instead of being stubborn and sticking the same general logic about certain things, such as marijuana!

  14. No problem, buddy. Just always remember to use it in moderation. And even if you buy in bulk, just think "hmmm... can I afford to get fucked up today" and if you got important shit to do, don't toke. Or if you think you can be in an altered state while doing your important shit, then go for it.

    Glad we could help cheer ya up! :hello:
  15. Well you dont really build up a tolerance(even a slight one) until youve been smoking everyday for a while. I wouldnt worry about it if your not a heavy smoker, a couple days inbetween sessions mixed with low tolerance=staying high. Soemtimes when you feel burnt out then just a smoke a little more. And try to conserve bud. Unless it gets in the way of other things then you should be good, just go about your day normally, do everyday things you would do, but high.
  16. 1. If you really want to. Stay away from friends who smoke, when offered to smoke just say "no i quit that stuff" i know whoever is offering you the smoke will argue but stick to your heart. (<<< I hated righting that)

    2. No it will not affect you schooling year next year

    3. This feeling is what i like to call "Tokers Depression" everyone is very tired and achy and doesn't feel like doing anything after they smoke its just an effect of weed. A way to solve this is smoke at night, so when the high goes away and you enter "Tokers Depression" you just goto sleep.

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