Weed and Islam?

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    straight up, I am a Muslim who enjoys smoking weed and I don't think I will ever stop not because I'm a fucking addict which most of the Muslim community think of me, but because it makes me a better person. I mean when I first got into smoking and getting high, the conversations I would have with my family was so fun and interesting, it really made me become closer to them. Even my little sister said to my mum what good manners I have because of my attitude change when I'm stoned. But keep in mind I'm not saying to smoke weed everyday and get stoned, I haven't smoked in 4 weeks. its something I do every now and again. I don't need it but also wouldn't hurt to try it a few times throughout the year. The only way I explain to those fucking extreme religious people who think its addictive, Marijuana is like masturbating. When you first discover masturbation you do it so many times till it becomes something you do every now and again. Same with Marijuana, I mean when I first started I did it everyday non stop. Now its just whatever, "Do I really want to get up and roll a joint or just continue watching masterchef". Honestly not the best example but you get what I mean, its not something I do a lot.

    My question is, why is Marijuana looked at like fucking hard drugs in the Muslim community or even countries? I'm eventually going to stop but I don't want to just yet. if it doesn't make me do bad things, makes me have respect for myself and the people around me, why is it haram?. In other religions, in the bible it isn't mentioned and I have heard priest say that, it shouldn't be looked as something bad. So why do Muslims come at you with all this bullshit how it intoxicate you and therefore its haram. When your high I'm still in control of my actions, its just that I'm very friendly and happy. Someone educate me so I get a better understanding on why Allah apparently say's its haram
  2. Why is it haram? I don't know, probably because someone wrote it in a book ages ago and people took that for law and truth. Why do people turn religious to begin with? I don't know. Going by the people in the coffeeshops around town here, religion really doesn't matter. I see plenty of Moroccans and Turks on a daily basis in the coffeeshop. It's just during Ramadan they don't show up until about an hour after sunset.

    Why is it seen as the same thing as actual, properly dangerous, hard drugs? Probably because in the first half of the 20th century there was crap like Reefer Madness being touted about as if it were the truth. People had agenda's and lobbied to get their way. Then various countries pressured eachother to enact similar prohibition law. As far as I can tell it has no basis in science.
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  3. There's a lot about Islam I don't understand. But doesn't Islam mean "submission?" That you're supposed to submit your free will and discretion to what ever a mullah says?

    Christianity has some similar traits, just not as extreme. Southern Baptist and Mormonism come to mind. That is why mom pulled us out of the church when we were kids, she had a free will and wasn't going to let a pastor tell her how to live.

    That said, I am a believer in Christ but I don't feel the need to surrender my free will to a person claiming to speak for God. I don't belong to a church, instead I am my own church free to worship as I see fit.

    Our creator gave us a mind and free will, so people shouldn't be giving that up in the name of religion. We have the right to choose whatever as a free being.

    As for cannabis, it was put on earth for a reason so it can't be evil.

    Good luck on your journey for enlightenment.
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  4. I don't know too much about Islam and it's history but wasn't it common for Arabic people to smoke hookas full of hash until just a century ago? I'd say it's the wahabibs or how they're called they seem to have outlawed anything fun
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  5. Relax Mr Muslim, outside of a few countries, marijuana is illegal everywhere on earth.
  6. I dont know- but the world would be a better place if someone could persuade ISIS (and all religious extremists of all denominations) to smoke some bud and chill the fuck out
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  7. Deep down you don't believe in your religion or you wouldn't be smoking to begin with because the supposed consequences are too great. Probably just so indoctrinated to the culture that that you have just accepted it. The biggest exporters of heroin are Pakistan and Afghanistan so knock yourself out!
  8. OP, this may be a part of your life that you'll need to learn to manage separate from your culture and those close to you in your family. This isn't unusual. Not everyone who smokes is 100% OK with their family about it.

    The more traditional a culture and area is, the less likely they are to accurately intellectually distinguish between plants, drugs, chemicals, etc since this is still relatively new knowledge in the mainstream.
    This isn't Islam in particular. Diehard Catholics in drug loaded South America look to shield their children from Marijuana as well. The world is becoming more educated and relaxed about it, but not everyone is on the same page just yet.

    Smoke on your own time in your own space. When around others in your family who are majorly against it, don't get high, don't rub it in their face. They have their lives, you got yours.

    Personally, I don't enjoy being high around super anti-drug people anyway. I become very aware of their rigid stances on things and it becomes a major harsh.
    Privacy or other like minded individuals are much preferred.
  9. i believe all drugs are not allowed in islam, but people do it anyway. didnt even read that long post the OP made but thats my answer to the title
  10. Don't say that you're addicted to weed. Scientifically it is rare to get addicted or get a dependance on weed. Weed can have the same affect on you that fast food has, but it's very uncommon to be addictive..

    And I don't mean to disrespect you, but you're Muslim. You believe in Islam. That's fine. Why do you care about what others think?
  11. We should give the terrorists weed laced with fentanyl. That's a good way to eradicate them.
  12. honestly, it's your body, do what you want with it.
  13. Friend....in case you haven't noticed....EVERYTHING IS A "NO" with the Muslim faith. You have to earn your way to heaven or whatever their version is. If you are Muslim because Mom & Dad are, you aren't anything. A person's belief system is a personal choice that every person has to make. Mom and Dad can't do it for you. You should spend some time exploring it before committing yourself to it. Do the same with Christianity....where your salvation is a gift and not dependant on your deeds. Jesus is the only way to heaven and I hate to spoil any hopes or dreams, but killing people will not net you 70 virgins. Just don't be dumb and blind in your choice. Forever is
    n't something to play with or get wrong. So make sure you choose wisely. Blessings. TWW
  14. they say I'm a bad person and shouldn't be a muslim because of smoking green. Honestly live my life the way I want to.
  15. Social stigmas around cannibas certainly aren't unique to Muslim culture. Just like what our Puritan (strict Christian) values did here in the US. We propogated a war on drugs around the world because drugs offended someone's sense of propriety. I remember 20+ years ago being told how bad cannibas was, and all the misinformation that went along with it.

    Education is the key. You don't sound like you want to stop to appease anyone else's misgivings. Nor should you. When confronted, try to stay calm and explain the benefits rationally.

    Also, I was told that Christians frown upon/see it as a sin to use cannibas. The logic being that since the Bible tells you to follow your governments laws, by breaking those laws you are doing something wrong... unless of course you visit a legal state, then it is of course fine LOL. You'll find little logic in religion sometimes, but that's not really the point; it's about faith apparently.
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    I can't say anything about the Muslim community, but I am an Orthodox Jew. A Modern Orthodox Jew, as opposed to an Ultra Orthodox(or Charedi) Jew. It is considered muttar(allowed) for "medical" use, but is assur(Hebrew equivalent of "Haram" basically. Forbidden) for general intoxication, even when drinking alcohol is not, and is in fact a requirement on some occasions. And if you bring it up with the Ultra Orthodox, they'll start throwing Reagan era BS at you about how you can become addicted or die. You can show them something from a respected news source that says otherwise. They don't care. Kind of seems like a common thread amongst the more fanatical amongst most if not all religions. And even amongst the most liberal Orthodox Rabbis, they will say to "just eat it" on Shabbos(when one can't light a flame or cook) when those of us that use it know that "just eating it" doesn't solve the issues of not being able to inhale it into your lungs, and the fact that it's a totally different effect.

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