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Weed and Herbs

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by nflames, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. Has any one tried cutting their bud with other herbs for a mixed effect. I just bought some Damiana to put into a blunt for me and my girl to see if it makes things more fun ;)

    Also, any recipes that work with their effects would be cool.
  2. Weed is enough, I see no benefit in adding anything additional into your weed (especially considering unknown health effects from doing so). If it's not getting you high enough it's time to find better weed.
  3. Good weed is kinda hard to come by where i am (central jersey) and it is very expensive....450 a least for me thats expensive. I was hoping that there might be a natural, smokable herb that could kinda give reggies or even beasters more of a trippy high.
  4. lol @ all these noob questions in seasoned section!:hello::smoke:
  5. No I haven't, nor do I plan on it. Ever.
  6. i dunno man there are alot of relaxing herbs. Look on this site i think they have skullcap and things like that
  7. Go to Rutgers, they have lots of good weed.
  8. theres also those pink flower hairs, i think theyre from some african plant. never tried em
  9. I use many different medicinal and ethenogenic herbs. I just don't mix them with cannabis.
  10. I smoked skullcap and then afterwards smoked a joint, if that counts :p

    It made the high more relaxing I guess.
  11. ive been smokin for quite awhile, it jus that i dont get that high any more and i miss it. Im trying to figure out if there is ne thing else i can do without spending a ton of money.

  12. Take a t-break.
  13. yup theres your source.... rutgers doesnt just have weed. they have everything
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    I have some home-grown herbs from a friend that I got in the fall to start smoking when I was trying to quit cigs. Now I use them also to cut my weed when I'm smoking alone. I have taken to smoking joints lately and cutting the weed with other herbs and tobacco help make it last longer since it doesn't take a whole joint to get me high.

    I also have found that with some of them (depending on the natural effect of the herb), weed can emphasize that effect. For example, wormswood is a natural hallucinogen, but not in smaller, smoked amounts. You'd probably have to smoke a lot to get the same effect as you would from some European absinthe. But when I cut my weed with just a pinch of wormswood I find it does give me a more pronounced hallucinogenic experience. My eyes start playing more tricks on me than normal, as do my ears sometimes.

    You can find out what herbs are best for smoking pretty easily. Just Google "smoking herbs" and look for sites about herbal cigarettes. Or you can Google "natural smoking cessation" and look for sites that mention herbs. Some have really nice lists of what herbs are good to smoke and good descriptions of what their natural effects are.

    If you decide to start smoking herbs, make sure that you either buy them from an all-natural store, or grow your own. Then you're sure you get the best herbs for your money, and they will be less likely to be contaminated or contain chemicals.
  15. lol, I posted this a few days ago in a different part of the forums. I'm thinking about going to get some fresh mint to grind up with my weed (to both save the weed and flavor it a bit) I love the flavor of weed don't get me wrong, but change is always nice. I just got some tasty puff myself, works like a charm. I wonder if you can smoke pulp from juiced fruits.

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