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Weed and Grieving

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by athensman, May 9, 2011.

  1. Backstory: Smoked very occasionally during high school, now im in college and just finished sophomore year, just started smoking daily about 3 months ago. i smoke maybe a half a gram a day max, alot of days less, but it still gets me bakeddd

    Main Story: I lost a close family member this morning somewhat unexpectedly. I've been thinking a good bit since I haven't been able to sleep all night, and was thinking that maybe trying to go through the mourning/grieving process for 2-3 weeks without weed might be a really good idea. I am kinda afraid that I would just use marijuana as a coping mechanism rather than actually dealing with the pain. But another part of me has seen how great marijuana's medicinal power can be, and I know how much it has helped with my depression and anxiety. Much more effective than my Rxs.

    So I guess the short version is.... what is your opinion on whether it be better to try and go through it all without it for a while (and gain all the other benefits of a t-break) or not worry about and try using the herb more medicinally. I have a pretty solid idea of what my opinion is, but there are alot more experienced blades out there... so I seek your advice.

    And please don't bitch at each other if you have differing opinions... lets all get along and RESPECT.
  2. i'll tell ya from experience.. the fact that you can see the pot, as a possible crutch... that makes me thing maybe you see, that's it's not.. that you will grieve... give it respect. grieve. it's part of the human experience, and i'm no authority... but.. i see that and i think you see that.. it's life. esta vida. you got it. grieve how you grieve.. pots no part, at least not until you see that it is.
  3. i would personally go for it just smoke up then just think all about your loved one thats passed on and bring all your feelings and thoughts about the matter to the surface and work them out you wont have anything holding you back and you can be true to how your feeling weed can kinda be spiritual too just let it help guide you
  4. Grieve without weed for awhile, it's not going anywhere.
  5. I would give it a break for the first couple of days at least. No drinking either!
  6. Find grieving with weed helps as long as your not using it to escape from the problem. When I went to my good friends funeral I was blazed as fuck with a pair of black sunglasses on. No way in hell I could have handled that shit sober.
  7. I would continue to smoke. Remember the old usage of cannabis as a spiritual tool. Perhaps you can have a break through concerning the impermanence of things. Might change your perspective.

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