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Weed and Freedom

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HIGH IQ, Aug 8, 2010.

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    Lately I have been trying to figure out, aside from corporate pressure, why does the government stand against weed so much.

    Corporations could have bought the right to sell weed from the government long ago, and profited heavily.

    Is it just reefer madness in politicians and CEO's?

    I think not.

    No, I think there is a reason though. It all has to do with weed, Its one true purpose, and the effects it has on our lives.

    I believe now, that Marijuana's one true purpose in the lives of humans. Is to make us feel free no matter how much freedom we have.

    Its the greatest feeling of freedom in the world, maybe aside from finding a heaven.

    That feeling of freedom destroys our deep subconsious inhibitions. It makes us comfortable to open our minds to new ideas regardless of our bias. We may not agree, but looking in to things we dont want to, slowly makes our ignorance drift away.

    That feeling of freedom gives us the feeling that no matter how much time we have left, we want to enjoy that feeling of freedom to the fullest. This makes us patient.

    That feeling of freedom is so beautiful that we no longer need possesions to bring us happiness.

    The feeling of freedom gets rid of social anxiety, it makes us less hostile toward eachother, strife between us tends to fall to pieces.The feeling of freedom will eat away at the idea of borders and "private" property. If there are no borders, no countries, if we are all one, whats the need for war?

    Freedom, and all these feelings that it gives us, make us less open to being governed, and having anyone gives us direction. When we feel free, any direction in life seems okay.

    I think that all these things, strike a mortal wound in to the hearts of corporations and governments.

    The government knows that IT'S idea of freedom cant stand up to this feeling we get from a simple herb. This is my idea of why they keep it down.

    This is also somewhat of an idea for the "purpose" of Marijuana.

    I hope this was eye opening and thought provoking.

    Id love to hear comments, questions, or other ideas as well.
  2. Shit, I don't even know what to believe anymore...
  3. i like your thought process
  4. Well said sir.
  5. I just find it odd that the government specifically goes out of its way to keep weed down.

    The majority of people in the US support legalization. At that point its a total injustice to spend hard earned tax dollars on fighting it.

    They 100% are still putting out anti-weed propoganda. Even though if everyone knew the truth about it, almost, everyone smokers or not, would support legalization. Especially if they knew how much money this prohibition is costing us.

    I just dont get it.

    This is the only reason that makes sense to me at this point. Freedom.
  6. Do some research and watch some videos and documentaries about marijuana prohibition.
    It's mainly because of prejudice and greed, we shouldn't be too surprised by that one.
  7. Will you be my best friend so we can talk about this all the time?


  8. Thats exactly my argument though.

    Wall Street was able to put Reagan in the white house with a snap of their fingers, and thats one of the reasons why the US is in the shitter economically. They propped him up and everything was de-regulated. Now any corporation can pretty much walk all over the constitution and the United States citizens.

    If any greedy corporation wanted to profit off weed (which they most certainly would, any business man can see that) they could buy themselves a place in the constitution faster than you can say legalization.

    At this point the evidence supporting marijuana is to much to turn away from. Over 50% of the country is okay with it.

    Any smart business person knows that at this point in time you can profit off of marijuana more than any one thing in the world, maybe except oil.

    It doesnt add up.
  9. Freedom!! What's that? Oh, wait, I remember. Freedom is that stuff those old, white-haired guys wrote about on that, now illegal, hemp paper. See, then the etch-a-sketch was invented. So the new government decided to rewrite the Constitution on the etch-a-sketch. This way, if they decide, after a decade, that they don't like a law they wrote a long time ago, they can just give the constitution a little shake, and erase our freedoms from memory forever.
  10. The government sucks.
  11. This thread is the deepest most beautiful thing I've ever read
  12. I love you OP. Basically describing my sentiments in your post.

    The government HAS to have a different agenda by now. The facts are irrefutable that this is a near harmless plant and that not much harm can be done by giving people the choice to smoke weed rather than drink or smoke tobacco.

    Then again, I feel like its the mere fact that we HAVE a choice is what they don't want. :confused_2:

  13. If and when, marijuana is legalized, I really don't see the business being run by huge corporations.

    There are already so many local growers that we smokers get our MJ from who provide us with good, dank weed and I don't know of anyone who would want to get something thats been processed with a ton of additives and shit and then called "marijuana"

    I mean just look at the medical marijuana industry, there are really no big companies in that, and I know that it's still a young business however if anyone wants a piece of shit plant to smoke with 10 billion fake chemicals in it they can just buy some cigs.
    Probably how useful this doctored shit will be.

    And even if this isn't the case, you still have to remember MJ is far from legal, so there aren't gonna be any big corporations formed right now to try and sell it in magnitudes that will most definitely attract the DEA.
  14. And it's too difficult and slow of a process to get it legalized that just because some business person calls for it it's not gonna happen just like that.

    Despite all the shit we give our government today, the founders did put a pretty good system in place that makes it hard for our leaders to be too tyrannical.
  15. To me, it seems pot makes us think beyond the typical boundaries, the boundaries that they place.

    George Carlin sums up what this "American dream" truly is.

    [ame=""]YouTube- ‪George Carlin ~ The American Dream‬‎[/ame]

  16. the medical mj business is fairly illegal for the most part, a corporation would want to grow farms of mj plants and sell it off to distributors or do something creative with it. though I dislike how medical users have to pay so much for medecine.

    who say's it will be filled with chemicals? organic cannabis is already grown for its seeds and fibers and sold for very cheap. A corporation could invest in ways to extract, standardize, purify and find ways to consume MJ without needing to smoke it at all.

    smaller growers might appeal to a smaller market that would like high quality buds but many people would also want lower potentcy cannabis or standardized foods/meds that can be ingested at a reasonable cost.

    but who knows for certain it will be fun to see all the goodies that people will make.
  17. I honestly hate all the freedom i fucking have, we're thrown into this shitty world without a choice and given too much freedom that we don't even know what we're supposed to do, freedom from choice is what i fucking want.
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    This thread is such nonsense I can't stand delusional hippy stoners. Weed doesn't "unlock freedom" and the governments purpose of keeping it illegal has nothing to do with holding us down or whatever idealistic BS you guys are spewing. It's still illegal because from a political standpoint it's not smart to openly state they wanna legalize it, and it's an easy target and an easy scapegoat, plus an easy money maker for the state after arresting people and making them pay fines and court fees. And if you guys still haven't noticed a huge majority of society doesn't share the same views we have on weed. Most are naive and clueless and think it's some terrible drug which turns you into some dumb ass and ruins your life. While it's getting better, when most people have that mindset obviously legalizing it isn't going to happen any time soon.

    On top of that...everything you said is kind of dumb. Makes you feel free and gets rid of boundaries? What does that even mean? It's just a fun altered state of mind which makes you physically feel good after you consume it, like any other drug. Only the most serious of stoners apply these crazy deeper meanings to weed.

  19. That has got to be one of the most intelligent things I have ever heard a comedian say. George Carlin rocks! :metal:
  20. In an attempt to sound cliche, the corporations have bought out the system. Well, the corporations created the system. Marijuana as a plant in its own adheres all needs of self sufficiency. The governments and corporations of the world don't want that power in the hands of the people. They want us forever suckled onto their products and services. A sort of international case of Münchausen syndrome.

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