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Weed and energy drinks

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Yamaha31, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Hi all-I know this gets asked a lot, but most of the forums I see are usually about the best energy drink to improve your high. However my situation is a bit different-i got like a 30min bike ride at night to smoke at a friend's house and I might not be able to stay for more than an hour after smoking and with my low ish tolerance that means I'm gonna be baked on the way home and would rather err on the side of caution... Any particular energy drink/shot that would increase alertneds a little bit? Thanks
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  2. Monster.. it gives you a good buzz just alone without the weed, but i'd still assume it would get you higher since you get more blood flow and energy going etc, but based on my experience, monster energy drinks take 4 hours to feel the effects and its gonna hit you like a rock, almost nothing like coffee where it hits you within 15 minutes after drinking it, but keep im mind it might make you a little paranoid.
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  3. Hmm I've never done that but
    I've been high and drove to my house before. Keep in my
    I was literally 1 one minute way from my house maybe less, also I won't ever drive while being high but anyways I think you are good. You probably won't fall or anything

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  4. Ok thanks I just wanted to be sure because I know energy drinks have some weird chemicals in them and I was worried they could cause problems if combined with weed. Thanks
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  5. If you need the perkiness quickly, I'd say a large Red Bull for sure. It's the only energy drink that does the trick when I need a lifesaving replenishment of energy. I mean, like, it's not going to make you 'not baked', you'll still have red eyes and all, but it'll throw some pep back in your step and keep you more on the ball. Monster is an alright second, but for the time factor, it does take a little longer. Best of luck!

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  6. Haha I also bike to my friends crib to smoke and bike back is fine just put in ur earphones and stay focused and you should be good to go

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  7. Dude the bike ride alone will sober you up, once your blood gets pumping and you sweat a bit you'll feel great.

    Actually, you'll have a lot of fun.

    Eat a banana or 2 instead of an energy drink
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  8. LOL, Bro ur good just enjoy the ride.
    Make sure u drink some water and eat before the ride, no energy drink needed if its a bomb sativa trust me.

    But if you gotta go with one i like the taste of red bull and shit it gives u wings too my nigga so that's a plus.

    Miss when my tolerance was that low, enjoy it while it lasts mann.

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