Weed and Concentration ?

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  1. I'm not sure this is going to be much of a story but i just wanted to get it out there and ask about your personal opinions on it.
    So, Here it goes.
    I'm a daily toker. I use weed to help treat knee pain from motocross training's (I had a knee injury) and also to help me want to eat properly again after loosing allot of weight last year. I'm also a recreational user however. The reason im writing this is to ask whether smoking weed helps any of you with concentrating in work/school. I know this probably sounds weird to allot of you but i always feel that its easier to come up with new solutions and ideas (generally think better) while attempting school work (studying or things like homework) and or just general work while high. Do any of you feel the same about this ? Because i feel that whenever i read something online about weed on sites such as Webmd it always says the opposite.

    Thank you for your reply's in advance !
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  2. Weed can raise your enthusiasm about doing a lot of things. My college roommate for example couldn't get himself to clean up unless he fired up first. After that he'd make the place shine.
    I find I can work out longer and more intensely if I fire up first. It just makes the experience more interesting and engaging.

    The issue is that weed, in some people, has been linked to short term memory loss. Retention seems to be impacted to varying degree depending on the person and amounts smoked. On the flip side, Terence McKenna smoked 10-12 times per day for 20+ years, and he could recall an absurd amount of detailed data until the day he died. Goes to show, the memory loss or information retention issue does not affect everyone the same.

    In my personal experience, I've found the herb to be a great enhancer of all things I already liked, but can be a deterrent to things I did not, like hanging out in crappy jobs our surrounded by nasty people. This is where you get the "lazy stoner hippy" stereotypes.

    As long as it's genuinely working for you, have at it. Just be honest with yourself should they day comes when it's not. Don't be Towelie

  3. Hey there! That's not weird at all. From a medical state in California they have strains they suggest for just that (concentration/creativity/focus). For me it really depends on the weed, most often sativa are the focused/energy/creative strains I've come across with a few exceptions. I enjoy to smoke before writing or doing any of my design work.
  4. Shit, I wouldnt have gotten through calculus 1-3 and differential equations if I didn't have any weed to supplement my studying...
  5. South park, sweet ! big fan big fan :D
    Anyways, yea i fully agree with what you said, As long as it works for you and your being honest, your perfectly okay. I cant imagine how i would-have gotten threw my Physics course without it.

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