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Weed and Classical Music

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by ragnar_wagnar, Feb 5, 2009.

  1. Everyone smokes and listens to pink floyd or 50 cent, but who here listens to classical when they toke?

    i love going to orchestral concerts blazed out of my mind. i just sit back, close my eyes and let the music take me away.
  2. hells yeah man, my favorite song is either beethovens symphony no. 9, or rigolleto la dona e mobile by pavarotti.
  3. having grown up playing classical piano, i have to say that classical music is the shit. well all music is, except for that commercial nonsense.
  4. it is amazing but i have to say that Jazz literally FEELS the best i can feel the Sax un and down my spine
  5. =================================================================

    There are many who love the classics when classically stoned ! I love Vivaldi , Mozart , Beethoven , Brahms , Verdi ( yep operas too ) , Raspigi .

    In college at southern Utah U , the Utah Symphony would regularly come to Cedar City from Salt Lake City and preform for free . On one occasion the last song played at one of these events was the Brahms " Lullaby " .

    As the orchestra began this song I saw the whole auditorium go into a trans like state , my buddies included as well as the ushers in the isles , I was stoned too like my buddies , the pot I smoked was killer " Acapulco Gold " , as I tripped at the way everyone had their eyes closed I wondered if they ( the others like the ushers and people around myself and friends ) were loaded too .

    As the song progressed the whole placed seemed like a spell was cast and everyone there under it but me and the maestro and the orchestra .

    When the last big soft note of the " Lullaby " hit the maestro looked out to see a whole audience under the spelled of the Brahms tune with all eyes closed and heads tilted back a tad , as he scanned about the room we made eye contact and he smiled at me as I smiled back , then turning to the orchestra he looked to them and then with a arm and hand gesture as if to say to his musicians silently :

    Look how well you played the song , it was perfect , look what you have done to the audience :hello: .

    As this happened and the orchestra looked on as I did and the maestro too , we all looked at each other and we all smiled big time . Then suddenly as if all the people there took a Que , eyes opened up in astonishment as to how they all realized that the orchestra and the maestro along with Mr. Brahms did a job on them heh heh .

    One night I will never forget to be sure , When the audience realized what happened they all laughed and applauded with great enthusiasm .

    Sincerely :

    Local Boy
  6. LOL

    anyway. yeah bro some classical music is awesome.
    like Concierto de Aranjuez!
    and...Metallica S&M. Well it aint classical, but it's got an orchestra, so you know..

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