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Weed and Cigarettes

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MNgreen420, Oct 11, 2007.

  1. I have been smoking herb for 7 years and have never smoked a cig in my life. Am I in the minority here or is that more common than I realize.
  2. I dont and never intend on starting to smoke ciggarettes. I find a lot of cig smokers also smoke weed.

    THe most common reason I hear for why people start is to cover up the smell of weed. Pretty sad actually.

  3. Ya that sucks, I like the smell of weed, there should be a weed deoderant if it was up to me. And you didn't get hassled of course.
  4. Totally man, just cant be playing around with that smell in some situations. Sucks, just another reason for legalizing.
  5. i dont smoke jacks on the reg, but i will indulge if im really drunk or on pks.
  6. Used to smoke cigs, b4 i tried smoking pot, for a year or so i smoked cigs starting my freshmen year in high school it did teach me how to inhale so it wasn't hard for me to get stoned the 1st time, but thats the only benefit. After I smoked weed, ppl told me cigs would get u higher after a session, so i kept smoking cigs. Never found cigs addictive, or enjoyable for that take me a good week or two to smoke a pack at best. I still can't imagine how ppl get hooked on cigs, when there is bud to be smoked.Marijuana is my anti-tobacco and find it to be in general a better plant for makes me sick cigs that kill are legal and that pot isn't.
  7. i've smoked cigs before-- and will on occasional (really drunk) occasions. lol
    (voted never smoked cigs) as I was never a frequent or habitual user

    other than that though-- i find the taste and smell extremely undesirable and the buzz really doesn't do shit for me.

    feels like i'm inhaling chemicals. :smoke:
  8. I smoke a pack of Newport 100's a day, but I had quit for a year. When I had to stop smoking pot (what I used to help me quit cold turkey, just bought an oz. and smoked a joint whenever I had a craving) due to legal issues, I started back. I'm not blaming my smoking cigs on having to quit pot, but it definitely didn't help.
  9. I cant stand cigs, hate it when people smoke them around me... I used to want them when i was drunk, but then i had a bad experience with them and now they make me nausious when im drunk. I dont ever want to get addicted to them anyway, best to not ever start...
  10. I never tried ciggs until I started smokin weed and didn't like em so much but I got such a buzz off them so I'd have one every once in a while. Eventually I started smokin cigs before I went home cause mom would smell weed on me so Id mask it with a marby. Now a pack can last me about 4 days, just having 4-5 a day. Since I'm in college and smell doesn't matter I quit about a week ago and 2 days into it I had horrible withdrawl so I just bought a pack. It sucks that I'm addicted to these but I'm going to slowly cut down to 1 cig a day then just eliminate them and deal with any withdrawl symptoms.
  11. I started smoking cigarettes as a freshman in high school when some of my friends said it would increase your high after a session. So I started just smoking after a session which at this point in time was 4-5 times a day.

    then started just smoking cigarettes all the time; after a couple years of smoking cigarettes I realized I was addicted and decided to quit. Figured it was kinda a waste of money a nice dub is way better than a carton of cigarettes anyday :smoking:

    I still enjoy a black 'n mild on rare occasion though
  12. It's a long held belief among young people where I'm from that ciggs get you 'higher' after smoking herb.

    I kind of laugh at the whole deal.

    But if it is of interest to anyone....

    It's well known, and personally tested...

    If you want to not 'crave' that cigarette after the bowl...

    Don't smoke the bowl....

    Vaporize. Hah. Thought I was gonna say 'quit smoking', right? Nope.

    Vaporizing herb takes that feeling of harshness out of your throat, which triggers the craving and thus, satisfaction ('I got higher!'). Smoking gives a harsh enough feeling to your throat sometimes that a cigarette should be considered mild to the feeling.

    However long term, every lover of the herb should make it a personal goal to renounce tobacco. I'm preaching against myself here; I smoke. However this is my personal goal.

    The way I figure it, this herb gives us so much, we owe it to it, if not ourselves, to quit actively killing ourselves.

    <u>Now I'd like to see a poll on who here drinks a whole lot, and if, wine, or hard alcohol (including spirits...such as pussies).

    I'll start; it's Miller Time ever hour of the day at my house. except before noon. Still head-achey. Just being honest.

  13. Smoke cigs all day long after quitting for 2 years. Bad bad mistake. Too drunk to think.
  14. been smoking for 5+ years. . . been smoking cigs for about a year. i smoke about a pack a day.

    i used to just smoke when drunk and at partys, but it eventualy caught up to me.

    but i do love a nice marb menthol after a nice smoke sesh.
  15. I have had a struggle with cigs and I managed to quit for a year but going to class and having all that free time led me back down the path of niciotine again. I hate cigs and want to quit, infact last time I quit Weed helped me off it. Sorta like morphine helping a herion addict off, cept' with out the morphine addiction.
    I don't think it would help me now because I physically crave a cig after smoking weed.
    Anyone who says quitting is easy when your this deep is either lucky to have stopped, or never smoked before. I think nicotine should be more illegal than weed, but alas MJ doesn't have a billion dollar lobby.
  16. that's a great idea!!
    I like the smell of weed too, especially the smell of sticky buds before they're smoked :D

    You could write to a bunch of deodorant companies with your suggestion, they're always trying to come up with new stuff so at the very least they'd talk about it and might do some research into it. I think anything to keep it in the face of conventional society is a good thing! :smoke:

    hell, I think I'll do it myself, it doesn't matter if more than one of us does it!
  17. i really enjoy a menthol cigarrette after a few bowls, really complements the cannabis flavor and gives a short refreshing head buzz as well... but they give you cancer
  18. I smoke up to a pack a day. It's sad, I know.

    No.27's FTW
  19. Has anyone ever noticed that when you take pain pills or smoke some good green, cigarettes seem to go down alot smoother for some reason? When I am not on anything I don't even like smoking as much but I do anyways but mostly only 2 or 3 a day mostly if i am jittery or stressed, but when I am on something I might smoke a pack in a day. I wonder why this happens. I have also heard that the fiber glass in a menthol cigarette cuts your lungs and wind pipe as you inhale it so the THC has a direct pathway to your blood stream instead of having to be absorbed through your alveoli so you do get a slight bit of a rush when you smoke a menthol after a session because there is still smoke in your lungs to be absorbed, but it's not enough of one to start smoking or to use as an excuse. I am in the process of putting those cancer sticks down, im down to one or none a day and all smokers should. The smoke from cigarettes stays in your lungs even if you quit for 10 years or more because my friend's dad quit smoking like 13 or 14 years ago and he can do the thing where you blow really hard with your lips pressed air tight against your palm no air should come out and when you stop blowing and move your hand and breath out you blow out a small bit of smoke. Try it smokers it is pretty sick might make you want to quit I know it does me.
  20. cigs 25+ yrs
    quit cigs 1O+yrs ago and cant stand them.
    pot 35+yrs and some. i started drugs w/sun top shroos from the back yard. an smokin rabbit tabbaco.

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