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Weed and Cigarettes.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by That Weasel, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. In my group of friends that I smoke with, everyone (including me) will wait until we're done with smoking weed for the session until we lit up a cigarette. Its something about not wanting to mix the different tastes and effects on your body. How about you guys? Do you lit up a cig in the middle of a session or wait until the session's over? Also, do you think a cigarette afterwards adds to your high at all?
  2. i mix tobacco in with weed about 10/90 ratio tobacco to weed.
  3. I always spark a newport after a session. For me it boosts my high up. I find smoking a square sober is nasty.
  4. Spliffs FTW! Nothing is better to me than the smell of a freshly rolled spliff not counting the nice buzz the two give, to me they really compliment each other so nicely and I'm sure there will be the stoners on there high horses saying "it messes with the taste man" or "only green for me bro" but really it's just preference and I fucking love spliffs! Merry Christmas!

    And my ratio is 40/60 baccy to weed
  5. I keep my plants separate for the most part.
  6. i used to enjoy a nice cig after a toke or a spliff. but i quit the brown shit a while ago, i wouldn't mind smoking spliffs at all but my boyfriend hates cigarettes so thats a no go, i'm 100% content with just green tho
  7. oh yea i always wait until the sesh is over till i light up a stoge
  8. Nah I light before i smoke some dank
  9. i mix my weed about 70/30. I have heard because weed is a bronchial dilator that smoking a cigarette after makes it worse then just having a cigarette as everything is 'open' so to speak. Then ive also seen a study that had a roughly 30-40 percent cancer risk drop in smokers of tobacco and cannabis, so im chalked it up as it cant be that bad, but no tobacco is a tonnes better for obvious health risks. (roughly 70-80 percent drop in cancer risk from tobacco alone).
  10. I'll smoke a menthol after I smoke weed but nothing else anymore. Used to smoke reds everyday until I tried the green, haven't touched one since.
  11. I wait until the session is over. I like smoking Spliffs tho.
  12. blunt in one hand, cig in the other.
  13. Depends how I feel sometimes in the middle if I had met with my friend lucy on a night I could probably smoke a whole pack but usually just after i'm done with bud
  14. i dont buy cigs but i will smoke them occasonaly if a friend asks me to. i usually put a dip in after im done tokin. but both cigs and chew seem to increase the high.
  15. Afterwards ill smoke a square to cover weed smell and the high boost. I always feel like weed is positive smoke, not healthy but not deadly it makes me enjoy life more, but cig smoke as death smoke even though its a little enjoyable.
  16. i dont smoke cancer sticks
  17. Why speak up
  18. I dont usually smoke a cigarette after a spliff it just ruins the buzz, i will only have one if I have to disguise the smell for some reason.

  19. Nicotine commonly give's the user who smokes a head rush. I smoke with tobacco if I want to conserve bud but I also enjoy smoking with tobacco as it smooth's out the smoke. I sometimes like to have a ciggy after I have blazed to relax my mind. (If you smoke tobacco you will probably understand or it may be just me)
  20. i used to all the time, but its only the green light from here on out. dirty tobacco man... it's a scam...

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