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Weed and beer

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by rob11, May 6, 2011.

  1. Plannin to get stoned then smashed tomoro u think it's a gd idea? Iv been high and drunk at the same time before and it was great but i was only just abouthigh and just about drunk

    Gd idea?

    Btw I'm planning to drink loads of water beforehand so I don't green out
  2. bong before beer, never beer before bong
  3. In my experience it is always much better to smoke after you are drunk.

    smoking before always seems pointless to me. and this way you can end then night high
  4. I think you should stop skipping grammar class
  5. Pound a beer, take a gravity bong hit.
  6. Be sure to eat a good meal beforehand.
    Dont drink to much and then get high believe me ive done it more than once not fun.
    Battling the spins is no fun at all :D
  7. Either way works for me, but I've been doing both together for 4/5 years now.

    Just take it easy to start with you'll have a blast.
  8. Strikeouts all day, dont give a fuck.
  9. Just drink and smoke as you please..
    It doesn't really matter if you do one before the other..
  10. I like the smoke then drink a really hoppy beer. The flavors you can taste are incredible
  11. Always have a smoke before your first drink. Then drink and smoke all night, works for me everytime!

    If I'm really drunk, and smoke a j, I always throw up; joint first and I'm safe :)

    Have fun!
  12. i've never had the spins. People say not to smoke after drinking but I always do and I'm fine. However, I do take small hits to ensure myself a good night. Most likely the reason people don't have a good time is because they're drunk and think they can handle a huge ass rip.

    Either way, just take your time with both and you'll be fine. I love to smoke before bed so I don't receive a hang over the next morning.
  13. Spins especially suck when you lie in bed
  14. be a macho man and just do a strike out. if you wanna spend the night loopy that's the fastest way to do it. when I don't have to drive and I really wanna party, I'll do one of these, and then another like a half hour later and I'll be good to go all night long.

    the only thing to warn you about is that you might veg out really hard if you haven't done it before.

    EDIT: I'd also like to second LCAshin. bud and a nice hoppy beer go amazingly well together. one of my favorite beers to drink while smoking is dogfish 90min IPA. only takes a few to get a nice buzz goin' to compliment your high.
  15. Smoking and drinking is great when done right.

    Don't overkill on both the beer and the bud,

    Or you'll be praying to the porceline god.

    Either get real drunk and kinda high or vice versa until you know how it effects you personally.
  16. this. ugh I got pretty drunk the other night and then I wanted to smoke. bad idea.
    I felt like shit :( haha

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